The heart is beating faster and faster, and the fear is bound to turn around. Xiaoxuan can stare big eyes and let tears slide her face, but she can’t move. Fourteen years have passed, and she has never felt such a breath. The eyes are moving at hand, which is the light of death. This light bi scattered the sunshine, and the warmth remained cold. She trembled and wanted to call out, but she couldn’t shout out a word.

The sunshine throws sh to her face again. Xiaoxuan is still lying on the ground. The Terran teenager has left her side, but it is still cold without any warmth. Cooling is her heart.
"Did I go too far?"
Feathering and Cen walked side by side towards the stockade and asked in a low voice, but at this moment Cen was silent and lost in thought in fear, and he didn’t pay attention to what he said. Feathering had ever seen is vacant and lonely.
After a while, Cencai nodded silently. "It’s too much for a child, but it’s nothing. I’ve killed dozens of people at my age."
Looking back on the past, you will have a sharp face.
Feather is the most afraid of seeing her. It’s like smelling blood. The little wolf wants to jump out and doesn’t know what he can attack. There is always a period when he doesn’t want to think about when he can completely release it in the past. Feather sighed and stretched out his hand and held her hand. Her hand was cold, too.
But Cen’s heart turned hot and laughed. "This kind of thing has to make the wood see it and piss her off."
Feather quickly let go but Cen grabbed his hand. "Hey, hey, don’t try to escape."
"What about cheating?"
When the feather came out, there was a strong wind behind him, and he smiled and turned around, and his left hand stretched out firmly and caught a hammer.
"I will definitely learn!"
The river network is less nv gnashing her teeth and glaring at each other
"Learn not to cry first." Yu Hua greeted her, and her eyes became dignified again, but she reached out and wiped the tears from her face.
Small nv child sipped his mouth and nodded stubbornly.
Cen push feather criticise way "you are not ready to cry? Are you embarrassed to talk about others? " Talking, I hugged the shoulders of the rivers and rivers. "Come with me to the mountains and teach you breathing naturalness first. This is a compulsory course. You have to learn to adjust your breathing to the point where the natural environment blends."
Two little nv go hand in hand, scratch one’s hair and laugh for a while, then turn around and continue to walk to Village N.
There is a middle-aged f people who are worried about the N side of the village < d Chapter 135 How can you be found everywhere?
Text] Chapter 135 How can you be found everywhere-
Sunlight shines on middle-aged nv’s coarse clothes and white clothes. It seems that there is ngng light. She quietly and kindly looks at Cen with Xiaoxuan entering the tunnel. Through the tunnel, they will enter Beimang Mountain. Middle-aged nv people don’t know what Cen is going to do with Xiaoxuan, but she heard Feather just now.
"There are still 16 days before the graduation ceremony. If you can’t learn breathing in this period, you will die!"
Feather said that this sentence was not a joke expression in her eyes. This is what she is most worried about. This Terran teenager can see through at a glance that she is a simple and purely sloppy person, but she can’t figure out why this Terran teenager would say such a thing.
"If Xiaoxuan really can’t learn to breathe, will you really kill her?"
Feather cocked his head and smiled slyly and asked in the past, "Y Jia Su Xing, if I kill Xiao Xuan, will I be dismembered by your lun blade?"
Y yoga also smiled, "I was really afraid that Xiaoxuan was frightened by you."
"I’m not trying to scare her. I want her to know that the world is equivalent. There’s nothing that can be achieved. If she wants to learn martial arts, she should pay a price and realize it."
Y yoga stare blankly looked at the young sunshine is a little sad, she doesn’t know feather reminded of lovesickness month, these words are lovesickness month once said, but the absolute beauty spirit nv didn’t stay in this world for long, Y yoga felt that this young man was not as simple as imagined.
"Miss Cen is bloody and wants to kill evil. I’m afraid Xiaoxuan will be taught badly."
"It’s better to let Cen teach you the first thing in martial arts practice."