Suluo wants to shout it out, but two real bosses are in front of him. Suffer it silently.

Who can blame themselves? When you are busy, you forget everything. If you don’t return the information of Gong Yu’s little angel and Xia Han’s big devil, you can let them vent their anger. Men and men can shrink and stretch.
Yeah, that’s it.
What will suluo do now after she finally coaxed the two big sisters away?
Of course, get even with the plane head and let your uncle smile
Now it’s Jiang Xiaoxian’s turn to shiver.
"Where’s the airplane head? Are you going to cut your hair or do you want to catch your hair by reasoning on the spot in the tortoise and rabbit race?"
Suluo touched his new hair style, Xiaoping, before Jiang Xiaoxian answered, and then asked Yince.
"The speed is dying recently. Why haven’t you finished painting Wulongyuan?"
"Can you blame me? At the earliest, you called me stick figure at the back of the manuscript. Forget it. stick figure is stick figure. At least there are still moving shapes and expressions. Draw a section of stick figure. It’s a big circle and write two words. Surprised.
It’s all right. Now the matchmaker’s circle is gone. If you have lines, your roots are lazy and pit me. "
Jiang Xiaoxian burst into tears and complained.
"Are you always lazy? Is this training you to be white?"
Suluo’s face is red and he’s not breathing. He’s just justified.
Jiang Xiaoxian turned up his eyes, hehe.
"How can you always learn from Fu Jian’s old thief and compare with him? It’s just the conscience of the industry, you know?"
Suluo collapsed in the chair and turned to the old thief Fujian, tears streaming down her face. You scum, if you know the story of Fujian, you will know how conscience I have.
I’m just taking stick figure as a pit. You still have to finish the cartoon honestly in front of the readers, and people are so awesome that they can’t even publish the sketch directly. A big piece of white and a small broken figure just went out. This is the limit of moral integrity
Innocent people’s horses are followed by white and black pictures
This is the real limit for you.
Then your innocence is really the limit.
In the end, there was no black and white picture
You didn’t even want to see it
"Who is the rich old thief?"
Jiang Xiaoxian asked with a curious face.
"He’s a man of God, and he’s amazing. He has special treatment that makes people love and hate ghosts. If you want to draw, you can draw a chapter. If you don’t want to draw, you can stop publishing and play mahjong for all kinds of wonderful reasons."
"For this reason, all the fans want to be mahjong masters to win all his money and let him draw cartoons well."
"Do you know what to call him an old thief?"
Jiang Xiaoxian shook his head. I don’t even know what you said.
And suluo continued to preach by himself.
"Old and immortal thief, everyone who falls into his pit gnashes his teeth at him, hoping that he will die, but afraid that he will die before the pit is filled. buff can keep blessing him, wishing him good health and a long life. He is honored as an old thief."
Suluo got stuck in the memory and laughed and said.
Suluo couldn’t help laughing when he thought of the shameless deeds of the rich old thief.
When you fall into the prehistoric pit of a professional hunter, it’s like seeing the hunter fall into the sky in a flash. You are a genius.
And then there was no then.
When chasing pirates, I still think that Ota painted slowly, only to find out that he is actually a model worker, while other cartoonists can calculate who is better than Fujian.