Sai Passareira guessed right. These things are always won.
As early as the season, he paid great attention to receiving Atletico Madrid news.
Now that you have vowed to beat Atletico Madrid and let the other side regret it, you must be prepared. If you wait for Atletico Madrid to knock at home without making any preparations, it is estimated that he will be laughed at in the end.
After confirming the demotion of Atletico Madrid, he has been looking forward to this day, and the collection of materials has also been sent at this moment.
He is receiving negative reports from the media about Atletico Madrid. For example, they lost again. They didn’t win two games in a row. They were in deep economic crisis. They were at odds with each other …
All kinds of negative news are carefully collected by Changsheng.
Then before training every day, he went to the dressing room and posted his own newspaper clippings on the blackboard.
And then I left everything alone.
This is an important prop to break the myth of Atletico Madrid.
Of course, in order to truly break the superstitious position of Atletico Madrid in Hertha’s heart, it is the most important and key to lead the team to beat Atletico Madrid.
Letting Hertha win Atletico Madrid once can make the players completely abandon that fear.
The actual result is to tell them that Atletico Madrid and Hertha are ordinary people, not monsters with superhuman powers that will not lose blood or get hurt.
At this point, winning is really thanks to that big mouth Bashir.
Because it was his remarks that shook the fear of Atletico Madrid among the players.
Because Hill is so rude, his behavior is disgusting.
A disgusting person will naturally arouse the anger of the other person.
There is less fear after anger.
But it’s not always winning. We need to work harder.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Hello, the tenth head coach of the League
One day before the game, the atmosphere is getting more and more tense.
The atmosphere filled everyone’s head as the war approached.
Although Hertha will not fall out of the promotion zone even if they lose this game, they will probably fall out of the first place in the league.
And more importantly, if they lose the game, they can’t fight back against that damn hill.
Hill reduced their head coach to penniless before the game, and if they can’t win, they can’t vent their anger.
It is because of the eagerness to win that the atmosphere has become a little tense.
But winning this time is not worried.
He likes the tension very much.
This means that the players care about this game and are unwilling to give up the pursuit of victory.
In this way, there will be a fight with Atletico Madrid
Changsheng cares about morale and potential.
Morale is something he can control but borrow.
For him, Hill’s remarks before the game were beneficial to him, so he took advantage of the situation and revived the morale and confidence of the players.
He was wondering if he would like to thank a Jesus Hill if he won the game.
Then he felt wrong …
Let’s wait until the end of the season and Atletico Madrid has not successfully upgraded before thanking Jesus Hill.
Whether Hertha can beat Atletico Madrid at home is a very doubtful question.