Yi Yu heard and pondered for a moment and said with a smile, "Oh? Is there such a funny thing? Who proposed it? Master agreed? "

Yuchen nodded and said, "I don’t know who put it forward first, but Emei is obviously prepared." Many disciples came here this time. I heard that it is still those elites who believe that it is not a problem to deal with sword fighting. "
Yi Yu seemed to be interested and asked, "Who is here in Emei?"
Yu Chen counted them carefully: "Men are Zhuge Jing, the great disciple of the Three Immortals in the East China Sea, laughing monk, and a son named Shen Tu Hong Bai Xia Sun Nan and Emei Zhang Jiao Qi Jinchan. As for the female disciples, Li Qiongying and Zixin, the disciples of the first lady, are wonderful, and a pair of sisters, Qin Ziling and Qin Hancalyx, have excellent listening and speaking skills. "
Just as Yuchen was talking to Yi Yu, a Taoist boy came in from outside Luoying clause and said, "Brother Yi Yu! Please go when you are summoned by Master Zhang! "
Yi Yu dared not delay to set up a sword light and go straight to Sanqing Hall of Golden Whip Cliff. Yi Yu went to Sanqing Hall to have a look! There are so many people! On the theme, naturally, Zhu Mei, the dwarf of Qingcheng Mountain, laid hands on him, and all the elders and younger brothers sat quietly on the futon, all solemn and not angry. Behind them, however, stood the rules of a group of disciples who took Gideon as their leader. No one dares to expect anything.
Above the guest seat, naturally, there are two immortals in the East China Sea, Xuanzhenzi and the ascetic Buddhist monk, who are well separated. But I saw Xuanzhenzi’s face as white as jade, fine eyebrows, fine eyes, eagle nose, lion’s lips and five temples sprinkled on the front of his heart, sharp and imposing as a sword. However, although the Xuanzhenzi’s cold light is full of momentum, there is an atmosphere that blends in with heaven and earth, which makes life unbearable. Although the ascetic Buddhist monk is called asceticism, he has not seen a trace of asceticism. A gorgeous robe in Phnom Penh, bright robes with gold thread on the red background, big eyes, wide mouth and long ears, laughing before saying anything, actually means smiling at Maitreya. It’s just that Yi Yu feels that there is a fierce fighting spirit that is hard to hide in this singing smile, but I don’t know how this Buddhist monk cultivates that peaceful Buddhist state of mind.
Below them are a group of Emei disciples, Jing Li. Most beautiful female disciple Yi Yu knows each other and has a close relationship. It’s just that the two people around the angry smiling monk have never seen each other. It must be that Zhuge warned me and Shen Tuhong. The smiling monk is an extraordinary figure who is eight feet long and clean as jade, and his facial features are exquisite. Temperament is distant, peaceful and indifferent, and the heart is like a distant mountain. The rules of wearing a blue cassock are not meticulous. It’s just that Zhuge Jing’s eyes turned out to be full of fighting spirit when I looked at the more indifferent Gideon across the street.
And the rest is Shen Tuhong. It’s just that this person looks worse than other Emei disciples, and he can only be called a correct person among these handsome men and beautiful women. It’s just that his peaceful and broad-minded temperament is self-evident. It’s far from being restrained and calm, and that grumpy laughing monk is far away! It seems that he is not a good person to deal with.
Although Yi Yu came late, he was not afraid to go straight into the hall and kneel down in the tunnel: "Master Zun studied Yong Cheng’s life is boundless!"
When Zhu Mei saw Yi Yu, he beamed and waved, "Get up. I don’t know where you’ve been all day and there’s no one there." Come and meet uncle Xuanzhen and uncle ascetic in Emei. "
Yi Yu dare not neglect to salute and greet quickly. That Xuanzhenzi nodded and smiled: "Hehe, Zhu Daoyou, you are a great little apprentice! I have heard a lot about him when I returned to Ningcui Cliff this time! " It’s really polite. It’s just that the ascetic Buddhist monk looked up and down a few times when he saw Yi Yu’s face was not healed, but he should not give Yi Yu a gift. I want to think that his disciple, the laughing monk, has suffered a loss. How can this master not know? Nature does not give Yi Yu any good looks, but it is a little narrow-minded. Let’s see how Yi Yu deals with his dilemma in the face of the long-established Three Immortals in the East China Sea. Is it clever to deal with it tactfully or wait for the master to clear it in silence? Or …

Back to the eighty-sixth calculation of Emei
Yi Yu waited for a long time, but the ascetic Buddhist monk didn’t respond, which obviously drove him there. If others are afraid of the fame of the three immortals in the East China Sea, they will dare not touch and freeze there at a loss. Or some smart people can start talking and fool around. Don’t make things stiff.
However, Yi Yuben is very headstrong and afraid of small things if something happens. He’s not even the one who takes the overall situation into consideration. How can he be wronged like this? When I saw the ascetic Buddhist monk, I shouldn’t wait for him to resign. I didn’t even look at the ascetic Buddhist monk and shook his white robe and looked up. When he left, it turned out to be a cold’ hum’. It was just the brand of the three immortals and parents that blew out! I heard it all. However, Zhu Mei was still beaming and didn’t feel anything wrong with his apprentice’s behavior. Obviously, he wanted to protect the calf. And that Xuanzhenzi has an eyebrow eye down. If you don’t see it, you can’t see what it is. Only the ascetic Buddhist monk, though still smiling, was a little stiff and his eyes were cold and bright.
Yi Yu went to the vacant position under Ji Deng and Tao Jun and stood. Since the last war between Yi Yu and Tao Jun, the position that originally belonged to Qiu Yuan has officially belonged to him. This position also represents Yi Yu’s position as the third person among this generation of Qingcheng disciples. That’s the rule of Qingcheng School. It’s not about seniority but strength. Senior brothers may not have the right to speak and their status may not be high. Only then can we see the status of the disciples in this temple. Yi Yu started with Chen Taizhen, followed by Yu Huang, Luo Lu, Hu Yanxian, Di Bubao and so on. Yang Yong, on the other hand, is in a less conspicuous position after the middle film.
Although it is said that Yu Nanqi, the second princess of Changchun Mountain, is a little higher than Chen Taizhen, and her family’s academic roots are not shallow and her strength is stronger. It’s just that since Qiu Yuan disappeared, she has no intention to compete for prosperity and is a woman, so she automatically retreated to the back to associate with Yang Yingxue and Di Shengnan, all the female disciples. Only recently, a new face has been added to their small room, that is, Yuchen, who has just become an inner disciple. Although Yuchen’s cultivation and qualifications are not good, she is Yi Yu’s person. Even these women, who are relatively slow in politics, understand the significance of this most popular and beloved younger brother. Instead of rejecting Yuchen, a junior school sister, it is extremely harmonious to help the photography department everywhere.
In fact, Yi Yu didn’t mean to offend the ascetic Buddhist monk just now, but look at the old thief’s bald posture and the old story of turning over and laughing at the monk. Even if he didn’t want to offend, he did. And Yi Yu has always been a don. Now that you have offended, come completely. There are always two sides in the world, and it is natural that someone will be happy when the ascetic Buddhist monk is beaten. At this time, the most happy nature is Zhu Mei. Besides, in the future, the ascetic Buddhist monk will make trouble, and Zhu Mei will not be able to withstand Zhu Mei, and Li Jingxiu is afraid of what he will do! The ascetic Buddhist monk was wrong first, and at this time, Zhu Mei did not stop the tunnel. "If you continue to entangle with this hooligan, I am afraid that you will make a fool of yourself." I can only swallow it for a while.
Although there are some discordant voices, Zhu Mei and Xuanzhen are both wily people who are indifferent to each other and flatter each other for a long time. Xuanzhenzi said just now, "I have received a letter from the flying sword of Zhang Jiao, and Brother Qi is also very much in favor of Zhu Daoyou’s proposal. It is said that this sword fight is the grand occasion of Qingcheng for hundreds of years. If we can participate in the grand occasion, it will be the luck of Emei. In this way, according to the policy of Zhu Mei Daoyou, after three days, we will fight for the island with swords. No matter whether you win or lose, you can’t mention it again! "
Zhu Mei smiled and said, "What Taoist friends said is very much to my liking. You and I in Qingcheng Mountain, Emei are connected by the same spirit, and in our early years, we fought together against the evil religion. We shouldn’t have hurt the harmony between the two families for that thing outside. It’s just that the misunderstanding has been born now, but it’s only right to let it go as soon as possible. " The two sides exchanged pleasantries and dispersed separately. It’s just that Yi Yu understood the code word of Purple Heart and went to meet the beauty.
Let’s put down Yi Yu and Zi Xin’s farewell reunion for the time being and say that three days ago.
Xuanzhenzi of the Three Immortals in the East China Sea and a dozen disciples accompanying the ascetic Buddhist monk reached the Golden Whip Cliff of Qingcheng Mountain. Zhu Mei, as the palm teacher of Qingcheng Mountain, can’t neglect the sudden visit of this powerful ally just after the unpleasant things happened in the East China Sea. Open the middle door and greet with the highest etiquette. Of course, the identity and cultivation of the Three Immortals in the East China Sea are also worthy of this complicated etiquette.
The mysterious word, the ascetic Buddhist monk and the Zhu Mei are old friends. It’s just that in the past century, Zhu Mei, as a palm teacher, has been busy with academic affairs, and the chance for them to meet in the East China Sea in seclusion is less. After the three of them cordially reminisced about the past for half a day, Xuanzhenzi first said, "Zhu Daoyou, my younger brother and I came here to apologize to Daoyou."
Zhu Meiwen pretended to be surprised and asked, "Hey! What does Xuanzhen Daoyou say? I am confused! " Zhu Mei said, "Look at the ascetic Buddhist monk. He always knew that this monk was the most irritable. On such occasions, Xuanzhenzi spoke deliberately to tease him, but the ascetic Buddhist monk didn’t look at him at all.
Xuanzhenzi smiled and said, "Ha ha! Disciples of Qianfanqingcheng and Emei have some misunderstandings because of an island in the East China Sea. In the East China Sea, the sword fought for the island, but this sword had no eyes, but it hurt the disciple of Daoyou, Di Bubao. At that time, Daoyou, the cripple of your school, was also there. We also feel that this matter is greatly inappropriate, and this time I will explain it. So as not to cause and effect because of these small things, it will not be worth the loss! What do Taoist friends think? "
When Zhu Mei heard this, he twisted his beard and smiled: "Xuanzhen Taoist is surprised at this! It’s definitely not your fault that my worthless old martial brother came back to tell this story. The so-called genius treasure has virtue, but my apprentice is not good at learning, but he is greedy for the Lingshan Mountain. I learned some lessons, but instead of complaining, I would like to thank my colleagues in Emei. This time, you can only save your life if you meet a fellow Emei … "Zhu Mei took a look at the ascetic Buddhist monk and answered," If you meet any deviant evil, I’m afraid you’ll never get back to this Golden Whip Cliff! "
Xuanzhenzi and ascetic Buddhist monk heard that their faces were frozen, and Zhu Mei alluded to the laughing monk’s interception of Qiu Yuan. But what happened to Qiu Yuan before was really wrong in Emei, and I can’t help but let others say it. Xuanzhenzi said, "Zhu Daoyou, I already have a Langya clause in the East China Sea, and I don’t lack this fairy island. However, your nephew was injured by the fairy island, so … this island was given to your school as a gift. "
Zhu Mei smells a smile. What a shrewd man he is! Only Zhu Mei has ever calculated others, and no one can calculate the short man. Zhu Mei’s little eyes have figured it out. What a poisonous trick Emei has! What a loud abacus Qi Shushi has! Take out the fairy road and use it as incense bait to lure Qingcheng to eat. What would the decent fellow monks in the world think if Qingcheng accepted this delicious food but took something from Emei? To put it mildly, Emei is generous and does not bully fellow travelers. To put it bluntly is to slap a bone and chew it! Severely hit the reputation of Qingcheng Mountain. If Qingcheng Mountain doesn’t accept it, Emei will not only lose nothing, but also show the magnanimity of the overlord in this world, and will not oppress others by force.
Xuanzhenzi saw that Zhu Mei hesitated and didn’t want him to think much. He urged, "I don’t know what Zhu You thinks?"
Zhu Mei said with a smile, "Qi Zhangjiao and two Taoist friends are just being original. It’s just that the fairy island is aboveboard compared with the sword of your school. How can you just give it away?" This matter is not appropriate! " Originally, Xuanzhenzi didn’t agree with Qi Shushi’s plan and didn’t really want to send Xiandao. Now, when I heard Zhu Mei politely refuse, I just wanted to stop it down the slope, but I didn’t want Zhu Mei to be faster than him. Zhu Mei answered, "But since Taoist friends and your head are so kind, it’s a little unreasonable for me to decline Qingcheng. It happened that I sent a meeting to hold a sword fight in Qingcheng Mountain. I don’t think that among the disciples who came here this time, the dragon and the phoenix will win. What do you think of the two Taoist friends in Xiandao, Donghai? "
Xuanzhenzi was hesitant when he heard it. The Qingcheng Sect was absolutely not weak. The last time the East China Sea sword fight was narrowly won, it was just that the real player of Qingcheng Sect didn’t go. Thought of here XuanZhenZi couldn’t help thinking of the Zhu Mei’s great disciple JiDeng. If the generation below them say that there are countless talents and beautiful jade. But when it comes to hard work, maybe I can’t compare with Ji Deng, a Zhuge policeman who is famous for his hard work in Emei school. Ji Deng was almost crazy whether he was practicing or fighting, and he was preoccupied with practicing Taoism. In those days, he even had the nickname "Little Enchanter". It’s only in these decades that he didn’t show his fame by walking down the mountain less.
Xuanzhenzi thought for a moment and said, "Since it is a gathering of friends, Zhu Daoyou shouldn’t have refused because of his kind meeting. However, this should also be notified to the palm teacher before it can be answered. " Xuanzhenzi also knows what sword fighting meeting is in his heart! Qingcheng Sect hasn’t had a sword fighting meeting for hundreds of years. Why did we have it as soon as Emei arrived? It’s just these days. Isn’t that for us?
As soon as Xuanzhenzi and Qi Shushi discussed the book of flying swords, they should immediately get off the sword fight. At the same time, Qi Shushi made his eldest daughter Qi Xiaer rush to Qingcheng Mountain for his younger brother and younger sister bring up the rear. This time, the next generation of elite disciples, Emei and Qingcheng, the two main roads, made the most direct collision! What brilliant brilliance will it explode? !

Back to the eighty-seventh sword fight for the island
Yi Yu’s rambling three steps, one step back and two steps, one sentry is like stealing mines. After a long journey, he finally came to the house where he lived when he brought Purple Heart back last time. Yi Yu knock knock gently lowered her voice and said, "Heart to heart! It’s me. Open the door! " Both rhetoric and intonation are like a wolf. It’s just that he shouted twice and nothing happened. Yi Yu felt strange. Isn’t the purple heart temporarily fettered and hasn’t come yet? Hand gently on the door, but the door was just left unlocked. Yi Yu only thought that the purple heart was delayed by something. Hey, hey, the bad smile just happened to hide for a while to scare her. It’s just that he was stunned when he entered the door.
Purple heart didn’t come … But too many people came. I saw that the small room was filled with five beautiful women. The purple heart is squeezed in the middle and can’t move. Looking at Yi Yuqiao’s face is full of regrets and apologies. Next to her arm is a fierce cold calyx, but under that tight face there is endless enthusiasm, eye, indirect affection and warmth. But the enthusiasm of the cold calyx was ruthlessly extinguished by her sister Ziling. JiLingYun is rare also in a noisy with the pool without the appearance of the pool in the purple heart on the other side of a face of satisfiedly looking at Yi Yu. Only Joan Ying, who is still dressed in purple, got up subconsciously as soon as she saw Yi Yu coming in, but somehow stopped. Just standing there silently looking at Yi Yu seems to have a lot to say, but everything is in silence. It looks sad but beautiful!
Yi Yu was startled by the beauty in this room as soon as she entered the room. Look at Purple Heart’s miserable appearance. It doesn’t look like she brought it! But where did he know that just now in the Sanqing Hall, every movement of his fell into the eyes of Han Calyx and Qiong Ying. Of course, Yi Yu and Zi Xin’s self-righteous secret code is no exception. After the purple heart came out, it was eager to go straight here and didn’t notice that it dragged two’ big tails’ behind it.
The Qin sisters have always been inseparable. My sister will catch up with me, and my sister will naturally not be left behind. Lingyun, on the other hand, is a stranger here. That naughty Qi Jinchan has mixed up with Zhuge police and my silly boys again. Just because she has nowhere to go, she naturally stays with her sisters, which is why Joan Ying has gathered here. However, this is also a spectacle. Among the six female disciples of the famous Emei Sect who came here this time, all of them came here to meet Yi Yu except Zheng Bagu. If it comes out, I don’t know how many people will fall below the eyes! And if Xuanzhenzi and the ascetic Buddhist monk knew, would they be angry on the spot? !
Yi Yu took her hand to the back of her head and began to pretend to be stupid and giggle: "Hey, hey, everyone is here! It’s a nice day today, quite suitable for an outing! Well, I’m still cooking rice at home, so I won’t spend much time with you. " I want to go out when I step. Although everyone here is stunning and has a close relationship with him. But Yi Yu knows that if one is Qin Ziling or Qi Lingyun, he has the confidence to live a pleasant and warm afternoon. It’s just that there are five people here, which is beyond Yi Yu’s ability.
Originally, the daughters were too shy to move forward together, that is, they missed Yi Yu’s purple heart and cold calyx very much. Although I really want to go up and hug him, I can only hold my eagerness for the time being in full view of my teachers and sisters. But Yi Yu’s confused words broke this delicate balance.
That Qin Han calyx is a lawless fox who dares to love and hate. I was bullied by Yi Yu in that snowy cave that day, but I was attracted by his overbearing and vicious temperament. Besides, she was not only robbed of her first kiss, but also touched all over her body. If it weren’t for her sister Ziling’s timely arrival, I’m afraid she would have been eaten without even bone pulp. Since then, the two of them have almost no chance to be alone, and that Situping is also gentle, honest, considerate and excellent for cold calyx. However, when Han Calyx faced her nominal husband, she could not find the feeling of being conquered and invaded anyway.
Now it’s easy to follow me to Qingcheng Mountain and meet the hateful bad guy, but that guy is going to run as soon as he sees it! I only looked at it and didn’t speak yet! How can the cold calyx jump like Yi Yu? Yi Yuqing Chu saw a few tears flying in the air with the running beauty and finally disappeared. That’s the heart of Yi Yu’s game, but I didn’t think that the cold calyx of simple and naive could be so …
Of course, it is basically impossible to have a warm and perfect family reunion between five women and a pervert. I was embarrassed to say something in my heart, but I pushed it around first, but no one said it; However, because there were too many spectators present, the scenes that were not suitable for children, which were widely expected, did not appear. It’s just that the girls finally became angry from embarrassment and pressed the culprit to the ground and severely hurt his lovely face and the soft flesh around his waist.
The beauty of Qingcheng is different, the freshness is different, and the beauty of Mount Emei is fantastic and straight. Yi Yu volunteered as a tour guide to introduce the beauty of Qingcheng Mountain one by one after she got out of the clutches. But what makes Yi Yu depressed is purple heart, cold calyx and Qiong Ying. He really took advantage of others. However, Qi Lingyun, who is a big teacher elder sister on weekdays, and Qin Ziling, who protects his sister like a thief, actually came and pinched his face a few times to see it as if it were very enjoyable …
Three days is like a blink of an eye for a monk, but it will also produce a lot of things. In these three days, the Emei School and Qingcheng School, two major women’s organizations in Yi Yusheng’s life, finally met at the Luoying clause. In the absence of Yi Yu, an unknown agreement was reached called "Several Notes on Preventing the Further Spread of Sex maniac Victims". It’s just that when Yi Yu arranged for Yu Chen, one of the little spies, to repeat the specific content, he was seen by the innocent who happened to lead. As a result, Yi Yu still doesn’t know the specific content of this ulterior secret agreement.
The three-day period has come to the place where Yi Yu and Tao Jun played last time. Just for the sake of beauty, this dozens of miles of Fiona Fang has been cut into a plane and looks like a tournament field. The fighting skills between monks are very simple. You can fight as you like in heaven and earth. There are no rules and restrictions, only the outcome.
This sword fighting conference can be described as a grand event of Qingcheng Mountain in a hundred years. Although there is no invitation, the nearby small doors that are attached to Qingcheng or curry favor with Emei are all coming to watch the battle. Of course, it’s true that we can gain more knowledge and experience, but the most important thing is to look at the strength of the next generation of the two factions and evaluate the wind direction in the next few hundred years. For these small families, if they stand in the wrong team, the consequences will be very serious!
Eleven people came to Emei Sect this time, except Qi Jinchan, who was not included in the list on the grounds that minors were not allowed to participate in bloody and violent activities, and the other ten people had to fight. I don’t know what happened to this wily little Zhu Mei. Among the ten people in Emei, except Zi Xin and Sun Nan, the other eight people are all dragons and phoenixes, who are either amazing or with great treasures. Tough to deal with!
On the other hand, Ji Deng, Tao Jun, Yi Yu and Yu Nanqi of Qingcheng School are extremely tough people. Counting down, Chen Taizhen’s injury has not healed, and the two of them are also good. But even so, Qingcheng Mountain is more defeated than less. Is the old fox in Zhu Mei hiding dark chess? Or did he have other plans?
Yi Yu can’t figure out what his master, who is famous for his wisdom, is going to do, so he just puts down his mind and doesn’t want to. Looking at the battle list that I just got, most of my opponents Yi Yu guessed right.
1 Ji Deng Vs Ge Jing me;
2 Shen Tuhong Vs Tao Jun;
3 Yi Yu Vs Laughing Monk;
4 Sun Nan Vs VS Yu Nan Zhai;
5 Zheng Bagu Vs Yang Wei;
6 Qin Ziling Vs Luolu;
7 Qin Han calyx Vs You Huang;
8 Qi Lingyun Vs Di Shengnan;