This year, he grabbed the second piece of Haitian, and it was so complete that there was not even a plant missing!

Look at that neat Haitian Tong Hangjian with a faint golden light, I already feel suffocated. I think this piece of Haitian was the real pain in his heart in those days, because he grabbed a few handfuls and maybe it was less than 1% of the whole piece of Haitian!
Now this sea field appears intact in front of his eyes, which is more lush than it was in the past.
"Ah …"
Tong Hangjian breathed a sigh of relief excitedly and murmured, "Is there really one looking at ZTE’s demise of Xuanyuan Emperor?"
After a while, Tong Hangjian flew again and flew away on the way through the suspected pieces of Haitian.
Soon he confirmed that it was not a suspect but a real one!
He passed through this road in those days, but he didn’t stop because the situation was much more urgent than now.
The middle-level Haitian Tong Hang Jian didn’t even finish reading one percent, so he had to stop again.
He flew to a higher place and looked at the magnificent sea temple in the middle of it.
I think he didn’t see the sea temple in those days …
The floor is really important for the Sea Temple, where he has never set foot.
Tong Hangjian finally rushed towards the sea temple floor. He saw the hall and the old turtle, but like Xiao Wen and others, he was also a statue …
So he didn’t fly in, but stopped directly in the sea field
Tong Hangjian’s old heart hasn’t been pounding for a long time, and this moment is finally jumping uncontrollably, just like when he was young, he was rejuvenated again.
If the outer sea field of the Sea Temple excites him, the middle sea field excites him, then the sea field excites him and he almost fainted.
It is almost the realm of Asian gods!
Almost half of them are faintly higher than the realm of Asian gods!
These roots are not celestial materials, but come from a world older than the celestial world!
Maybe these materials can push the level of supernatural power in the celestial world forward by half or a grade after they are well delivered …
Looking at it, it’s almost complete. This terraced sea field!
Even if it occupies a world of resources, the God League will definitely be happy and crazy after getting these!
This Xiao Wen is too fate!
It seems that he also said "luck". How many of the immortals have such luck?
He’s the only one who asks!
Then Tong Hangjian realized a problem. Never let anyone who is a little unreliable know that Xiao Wen owns the Sea Temple!
Once the news leaked out, Xiao Wen might attract Xuanyuan Huang people to kill him!
Be sure to keep this secret to death!
Tong Hangjian has seriously considered the secrecy law in Haitian.
Then Guanghua flashed in his eyes. He turned to look and saw Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing coming to him together.
"Can anyone else know about this sea temple?" TongHangJian did not even say hello directly asked quickly.
"How many people know about Yuan Dao’s celestial falling into Xinghai?" Nan Yunqing knew what Tong Hangjian was worried about calmly. "In the falling into Xinghai, the news should not be leaked, so we can hide it for a while, but if we want to continue to increase the strength of the resources in Lihai Temple, the real situation will eventually be inferred by the people of Jieshen Alliance."
Tong Hang’s brief face, Se, is slightly changed at this time, which is also the case. Even if he wants more real characters, those old rivals will definitely doubt it, and if there are more people on their side, it will attract the attention of the world gods, and then compare it with the situation of Yuan Dao’s celestial world, and the answer will be called out.
It really can’t be kept secret all the time.
"This plan is to secretly raise our overall strength without sending it first, and then even if we are guessed, we will not be afraid of the resources in the sea temple." Tong Hangjian quickly made a decision
"Well, just like that" Nan Yunqing nods.
Then Tong Hang wandered around the middle sea field simply and seriously. Since it is decided to benefit the resources here, it is naturally better to have a spectrum in my heart early.
His old heart has been as calm as possible in front of Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen, but he has been shocked again and again.
There is no doubt that they will meet beyond the world alliance in terms of high-level materials!
Seeing Tong Hangjian looking after Haitian for a long time, Nan Yunqing woke up and said, "There are still many palaces in the middle that have not been opened yet, and we can go and find out together."
TongHang Jane a reaction to come over and look at the middle direction laughed "indeed! I remember that the outer wall of a main hall has fallen down, but it happened that the ban on the outside was so strong that everyone could look at the temple’s treasures without moving their hands. "
At this time, Xiao asked and sighed, "It’s a pity that I can control the big bans here and the small bans in the temples. I can’t control it either."
Tong Hangjian laughed. "I’m afraid they will deal with them slowly when they fail to run away. Xiao Daoyou, there are quite a few geeks here who are best at dealing with strange bans."
"Well, that’s good. If you don’t act with us, why don’t you pick some materials here now?" Xiao asked suddenly.
Tong Hangjian thought for a moment, "I really shouldn’t act with you now. Well, I’m welcome."
It turns out that Tong Hangjian’s external identity is not Nan Yunqing’s gang, but he maintains a semi-neutral identity, which dislikes both the God League and Nan Yunqing and others. Although this identity makes him enjoy the resources of the God League, it is more convenient to get news. Otherwise, Nan Yunqing could not have come to him the second time. Although Nan Yunqing left for two hundred years, it is really nothing for an Asian god who has lived for more than 10,000 years.
Tong Hangjian picked Fu Cai Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing were not idle, but went to Hainong.
So soon after two days, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing finally said goodbye to each other.
Until they disappeared from the horizon, Tong Hangjian still had a dream feeling. He really didn’t expect them to turn over soon!
Then Nan Yunqing and Xiao asked to visit Ri too fast one by one.
Their group is really a very special group, and even now it has no name or elected leader.