While speaking, three people have already flown to the vicinity of Gangfeng-intensive areas. Going up again is the Jiutian Gangfeng layer. I saw Song Changgeng standing in Gangfeng-intensive areas. Command those Zi Long. See three people fly in. Just a nod. Didn’t say anything. Yang Jin saw that there was a mirror of heaven in the back of his head and his face was ruddy. I knew he wasn’t invaded by poisonous smoke and fire. Heaven mirror’ science to defense she still know.

See Song Changgeng is focusing on the law. They didn’t bother. It will take a while for Song Changgeng to finish it. After everyone saw the ceremony. Xuanzhenzi also abandoned any filth. Put things first now. Will the following situation said. Song Changgeng nodded his head. After a moment’s reflection, he said, "It’s basically settled. If we have nothing to do with the people who restrict the poisonous smoke. There was basically nothing in the early stage.
Now you should go and choose one side. Began to prepare to restrain the fall of the ash. At the same time, take precautions. In case someone comes to make trouble, it will be in trouble. We can’t spare any time. If something really happens, all previous efforts will be wasted. I’m fine here. You’d better go to someone else to help. Want to push over time
There are more people coming. The manpower will be sufficient. At that time, I was letting people. "
Yang Jin and others nodded, knowing that it was not good to disturb him here, and they all flew down again. After they passed Fentuo, Bridled Eyebrows, Blissful, and Yi Zhou, they told the above situation, and everyone was relieved. After they fell behind, they found a wonderful real person, just expelling the wonderful lady and Youtan Shenni, and at the same time, Master Zhifei of Kunlun also arrived with people.
You just know, after optimal haze they drive out, starting from the copper coconut island, the size of the creatures within four or five thousand miles of Fiona Fang, together to the sea, including the goddess baby Yi Jing was arrogant, and banned by the five elements, thinking that this move would be greatly displayed, but it took a lot of spirit to use the five elements to move the big handling method.
However, the forbidden law is a little fierce, and it can’t be all in line with the nature of things. Half of them do it, and half of them are lured. Unexpectedly, many aquarium people who have been psychic for many years have been hurt. As a result, she realized that her skill is still poor. Some things can’t be forced to get rid of their usual arrogant thoughts, and it took a day and night to get rid of them. Because of the large amount of things, it took a lot of time to save them.
Yang Jin wanted to let people go up to help Song Chang Gung, because he was responsible for the largest area, but Miao Yi, a real person, evaded the past, saying that there were not enough people, and when there were enough people, he didn’t mention it at all. Although everyone was very hard, the longer the time went, the more people came, and everyone took turns to exchange places, using the Taoist teachings of Xian and Shi, respectively, to restrain the poisonous smoke from spraying too hard.
But no one changed Song Changgeng. He supported it by himself. Originally, he thought someone would come to help, but no one waited for a long time. His 80-dragon has reached the limit. After all, the long-term absorption and transformation of the poisonous fire of Feiyi has done great harm to Zi Long, that is, he did not listen to the life force in Qinglong and Jiu Ning Ding, but he still could not stop Zi Long’s body from being damaged.
Seeing that no one came to change himself, Song Chang-geng estimated that they did it on purpose. He was also a stubborn guy. Seeing that no one paid attention to himself, he decided to solve it himself. At the same time, he worked hard to let eighty-one Zi Long start to condense the essence, split the dragon fetus, and put it in a nine-setting tripod. Then he ignored the harm to Zi Long’s body and tried desperately to keep them from letting poisonous smoke escape too much.
Then, three days later, the poisonous smoke from the fire was too hot, which became a spent force, and Song Chang-geng’s eighty-one Zi Long was also a spent force, which was about to collapse at any time. We were relieved to see that a wonderful real person was about to be accomplished, and before sunrise tomorrow morning, the robbery of ash would have to drop.
At this time, it is already late at night, and the poisoned fire has been sprayed, leaving only a trace of smoke, which has been swaying for a while and has been sprayed out. Everyone looks at the waning moon in the distance.
Because all the fish-borne creatures in the sea have migrated, the sea is still, leaving only the waves hitting the coast, breathing and sobbing, looking up at the sky, Yi Zhou and others are above Chihiro, and there is no sign of them. The poisonous smoke and fire are flying straight up, and the sound of the wind and thunder is gradually quiet, which makes the night scene particularly lonely, which is different from the fierce evil situation a few days ago.
Everyone congratulated them and celebrated their success together. After waiting for the twilight of the East, they started to act. In a short time, the stars began to shine, and the dawn gradually appeared in the East. After a little discussion, they decided to let Master You Tan help restrain the ground. Others still arranged layers on the periphery of the pillar of poisonous smoke and fire as expected to restrain the whereabouts of the ash.
After everyone discussed it, they all went to their own actions. Miao Yi, a real person, did as expected. With a wave of his hand, everyone else began to fly up and down, telling people who were constrained everywhere to strengthen the spell. First, the large light tube in the deep well on the ground began to strengthen and expand a circle, and the whole copper and coconut island were circled in, and even the distance of hundreds of miles was given up.
Yang Jinhe, a wonderful lady, Master Jade Qing, and Ling Zi are in charge of the top floor. The four of them flew up in a vertical way. By the way, they told Song Changgeng that they had just flown nearby, and they saw Song Changgeng sitting in an exquisite jade pavilion with more than one white cloud under them, which was very carefree, but Ling Zi and others could not help but be shocked when they saw these purple dragons.
Yang Jin flew to his side with a smile, and when he saw his eyes looking at those Zi Long sadly, he couldn’t help laughing: "Song Daoyou, now the poisonous smoke and fire have been sprayed, and after the ash robbery falls, we will have achieved success. I am waiting for four people to come up to replace you to restrain the ash robbery. Please put away Zi Long, who has been tired for three days. Go and have a rest."
Song Changgeng nodded and said, "Yes, it’s finally over. Hehe, although it’s a merit, I’m not happy. First, I was calculated by a wild old man, and then I was chased by a giant wooden god. In order to get away, I led this big robbery. Finally, there was no big trouble. I passed this robbery safely, and the rest is up to you."

The fifty-fifth volume Busy Chapter five hundred and forty-two Get even with the robbery
Don’t stand up, but also don’t look at four people, still sitting there, Mrs Day can’t help but be a little annoyed with his big, just see Song Chang-geng finally took a sad look at those Zi Long, a wave of his hand, the exquisite jade pavilion floated away leisurely, four people look at Song Chang-geng who flew away, and then at dozens of Zi Long who still stayed in the air, which can’t help wondering.
Just when they were strange, the wonderful lady and others listened to the strange sounds in the Gangfeng layer for nine days, just like countless heavenly drums were ringing in the sky, and it seemed that there were thousands of magic soldiers, armored horses and horses, and they were killed from the sky, which was a thunder storm, and the momentum was not so fierce. They immediately knew that the ash robbery had begun to fall, and immediately, regardless of other things, they had to unite to form a big aperture. Of course, those Zi Long were all in the circle.
Wonderful lady can’t help secretly pleased, thinking that Song Changgeng may have been poisoned by smoke and fire, and her head is not awake. She didn’t even know how to collect these treasures, which just ruined it. Although Yang Jin and Yu Qing wanted to call Song Changgeng back, they were all duty bound. Song Changgeng had already flown away, and they didn’t have time to say hello. They all had to deal with it here.
Passing 18-wheeler, in such a blink of an eye, the four of them rushed to fly away. When they got to their own positions, they made moves together, and when they were dazzling, hundreds of golden rays flew out, and then they were intertwined with each other, forming a large aperture, and then they immediately became bright, reflecting up and down in all directions into gold. The training-like golden rays and lightning seemed to move slightly in the air, which was to unite with each other.
Then form a large light tube with a length of more than 100 feet, then four people continue to fall, and then do this to form a light tube, and then fall. In this way, each layer is separated by hundreds of feet, and four layers are laid in total, which is more than a thousand feet long, just like a round Changhong with four classics, standing in the air, and four people are responsible for a light fist. At this time, the strange sound in the air is getting closer and closer, and countless Mars are looming.
These Mars gathered together, as big as a mountain, and the waterfall seemed to pour down on the sea. Seeing that it was getting closer and closer, the four of them drank together: "Disease!" Each of them gave a great golden light and flew forward from their hands. The four light tubes immediately rotated, and those sparks in the air were too hot and poisonous, and the ashes left after being destroyed by Gangfeng.
After falling, they were forbidden to eat their way, and were forced to synthesize a huge ash waterfall, which poured down from the sky. The ash and sand rubbed against each other and produced boundless Mars. From top to bottom, it was like a volcano falling, and with a different roar, it was earth-shattering. Yang Jin and Yu Qing were worried about those Zi Long, and they saw that they robbed the ash and rushed, and Zi Long collapsed like a pile of ash.
Then they fell down with those robbing ashes, and they couldn’t tell who was robbing ashes and who was Zi Long’s materialized ashes. The four people formed a diaphragm cylinder to squeeze the robbing ashes into one, and the falling potential became more and more fierce, and it poured down from the golden light. There were many Taoist and celestial diaphragm cylinders tied by everyone along the way, and they wanted to fall all the way to the sea.
Once the robbery was restrained, all that was left was to keep the aperture and wait for it to fall. At this time, Yang Jin realized why Song Chang-geng looked at those Zi Long sadly just now, apparently because no one came to replace him. As a result, he didn’t do his best. These dragons had been eroded by poisonous smoke and fire, and she couldn’t help but start to resent Miao Yi’s reality regardless of the overall situation.
But she just turned around, and now she has to cope with the eyes, and her ears only hear the sound of rumbling, golden light shining, rosy clouds rising across the sky, and a pillar of flaming fire is connected to it, which has become an eternal wonder. For about a moment, one end of the ash waterfall of Huohe River has not moved in the sky, and one end has fallen for two or three hundred miles, gradually drooping, and then it is divided into eight shares in the air for half a day.
The ash robbery flows down the river from eight aperture cylinders. Into the sea. The sea roared at once. At that time, the waves were like mountains. Go straight to the sky. Grab ash clots in the size of dozens of feet. Hit each other. Sound like thunder.
Song Changgeng didn’t go far either. Just watch from a distance. By the way, to restore physical fatigue. Do it in three days. Although he can freely absorb the vitality of heaven and earth. But physically and mentally, I am still very tired. Now things are over. I finally didn’t go on a business trip. He played with nine little Zi Long in his hand. While watching the spectacular fire river ash waterfall rushing.
This small Zi Long is nine of the 81 Zi Long-separated earthworm embryo hatcheries. A total of 252 dragon fetuses. Because he extracted too much power in the nine-setting tripod. It is not enough to hatch completely. Just hatched nine. But also a larva. But these little guys grow up quickly. Song Changgeng estimates that it won’t be long before he can give birth to a complete body.
Sitting in the air. Watching the ash waterfall of the fire river fall. Constrained by the aperture in a fixed range of the sea surface. The ash robbery in the air is still raging downward. Gradually pour into the sea. Wherever you go. The sea is boiling. And then began to pile up gradually. One by one. According to the southeast and northwest. Northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest, eight directions. The potential child is very strong.