Plus …

Looking at the column of gender female made me lost in thought.
Soon, as the truth emperor spoke in a crooked way, almost everyone found out this fact. They wanted to kick this person out of the gang while their sister didn’t pay attention, but there was no limit.
The fight for soy sauce is over, and the people just stand in the Woods, no matter whether they will be exposed to playing the lark for nine days or not.
People have come here, but they haven’t come to investigate who agreed to let this little mushroom join the gang to play soy sauce. They have been desperately urging to remove it quickly.
"I brought it."
Muyun idle light said that the tone was tepid and there was nothing wrong with it.
The soy sauce makers were stunned when they finished.
Beique Liu Xiao and Qing Wan Li didn’t speak because they knew best what the little mushroom had done to hooves.
And now you promise to protect hooves and accompany hooves and hooves to do this? Drag such a person who has hurt his hoof into this gang.
They have not recovered until now.
[21. Chapter two hundred and twenty Everyone firmly]
"I don’t think it’s necessary for me to pull a person into the gang." Listening to all kinds of venting noises in my ear, Mu Yun was idle and waiting for everyone to stop, lightly added.
The people who had stopped to make soy sauce were almost in a mess when they heard this.
This man, is he still the one who stopped them and was very firm and tough, showing his attitude towards hooves?
What, they have always thought that they are indifferent to sex, but now they are so elusive. Have they never understood him?
After nine days, I was very embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. After all, it was he who gave Muyun leisure to the deputy gang, and it was he who made Muyun leisure get the corresponding limit. It was also he who was supposed to pull friends into the gang. This is a good thing to add popularity in the general gang, and the other party is a younger sister, which can be welcomed by everyone.
But this gang of theirs …
After nine days, their faces were a little sad. Before this gang was a bit special, they couldn’t recruit girls. After all, the gang was a group of people who made two jokes from time to time. Even if a girl joined the gang, she immediately retired in one day. Later, seven crows pulled her hoof in. A new girl didn’t know anything about it. She was indifferent to some strange actions of soy sauce, but it was normal. Slowly, her hoof stayed. Everyone got along very well. Soy sauce people didn’t know when it became a "crazy sister control" and she couldn’t recruit girls until now
He’s a Wang, but unlike other Wang, he doesn’t care about recruiting many girls to attract a popular gang. He thinks it’s really good. A girl with hooves in the gang can also help you cook food fights from time to time. It’s good to play the piano. After all, although he has no experience, he also knows that women have many places to play soy sauce. This pit is enough for him. He doesn’t want to take part in palace fights.
In this way, the tacit understanding of soy sauce in everyone has developed, and he has gradually taken these as a matter of course and regarded them as immutable soft rules.
Until …
Looking at the name of the new gang member nine days later, I really can’t help but smile. When will my sister become a hot potato for him?
Although he talked to Beique in private, he said that the robbery in Luoyang was not very clear, but this sister sometimes passed by but he often saw it.
Brave and handsome
Different from the stupid hoof and the incurable hand disability
This is his impression of this little mushroom in the fight.
But it was also in my heart that I secretly praised it for a moment, but it really made him remember that this little mushroom often hangs out with Muyun, which made him a little worried.
At this time, when Muyun talked about "What’s wrong with pulling a person", he really couldn’t say anything. A friend who had a good time pulled into the gang and couldn’t add anything. Muyun’s leisure is also an old friend in the gang. If it is only because of his concern, it really doesn’t matter. After all, it is normal for a Han to make friends with some younger sisters. Strictly speaking, it is somewhat unreasonable.
"oh! Alas! " Nine days later, he stepped in to interrupt a new round of quarrels among soy sauce makers.
"This is nothing, isn’t it! Cloud idle just pulled a person! Everyone still plays! " Acting as a peacemaker for nine days, I feel that my face is almost stretched. "Yunxian, you know that these pit goods like to toss something every day, and now they are also playing with you!"
"Well," I accepted the idea of walking around in front of my face.
"Hey, master!" Fudge smiled unceremoniously and said, "Do you know that when a person lies, the decibel will be much higher than usual?"
"Ah?" Some didn’t react after nine days.
"The fact is that Wang’s voice was a little high just now, which may be due to his guilty conscience. After all, Wang also recognizes our roots, which is not noisy." Tell me the truth, the Emperor added, when he tells the truth, he is always active.
"ah! Did you just make trouble again! " I don’t know if I really found the problem or deliberately changed the subject nine days later. "How come two gangs suddenly joined us to help the enemy! Where the hell are you now! What are you doing! "
"Suzhou! You’re messing around there again! Hurry! Who is the head of the team? Let me join the group! " There is a sinister hope that "someone" can see the rude orders from the soy sauce makers nine days after they left without saying anything on purpose but kept sending messages on the gang channel.
I was reluctant to let the fudge go. After nine days, I joined the team and gave the head of the team a direct job for nine days. I made up my mind to fight to the end.
soon afterwards
Wan Li entered one by one.
In the end, it’s MuYun leisure and … Little mushrooms.
Originally, I was angry at the hostile fight, and I was very brave in soy sauce. At this time, it was like being pressed the pause button again, and I looked at the two people in front of me.
Actually … Actually, there are still local tyrants Xiu En * * riding together.
This is putting their sister on the ground!
If the team leader hadn’t handed it in long ago, the red-eyed fudge would definitely guarantee that the first thing he did was to kick Mu Yunxian out of the team at once and then all the people would kill him!
"Well, I heard a little that the gang was fighting and killing, so she asked to come over." Muyun said in an idle way, I don’t know whether to explain or state a fact.
At this time, the soy sauce makers really stopped all their movements, even if they made a tentative attack on the enemy, they didn’t strike back, and their hearts were long gone.
Originally, they were cheerful and determined to trick their younger sister into a "saving the hero" scene, but at the moment, they hoped that their younger sister would never come to see this scene. I didn’t know when the chat box was closed, and everyone stood like a stone carving.
Beique looked at hoof and hoof and sent a message asking what happened to the gang at this time. Some people were at a loss.
Now this situation shows that Hoohoo hasn’t chatted with the gang information to check the new gang members, so it would be bad to let Hoohoo come at this time.
The gang channel is full of dissatisfaction and serious protests. These are really controlled by other methods.
If Mu Yun’s attitude is firm, the soy sauce makers are also firm. They have no frolic elements in it.
At least he is also an executive. Even if he is lazy in management, he should know something.