"Hey Xiao Ye is really a rare visitor … Who is this little sister?"

"My niece gave her a set of evening gifts suitable for dinner, hrisian_dior."
"Niece …" Lifted a smile, and the female boss smiled quite shuffle when couples spend. "I’ve known you for ten years. When did you come out as a niece? I really didn’t see that you like old cows eating young grass … "
"Is Xing Xiaojiu still doing business?" Make a cold owl face jerked.
"ok, I’ll shut up. long live the customer!"
With a charming smile, Xing Xiaojiu pulled up her face and said, "Come with me, little sister"
Looking at her kind face, Bao Qi smiled brightly. "Thank you, Sister."
"You are welcome to thank your owl …" Xing Xiaojiu’s eyes are full of smiles.
"Hey hey!" In front of this well-meaning woman, Bao Qi smiled a little hard. "Sister, he is really my second uncle."
Section 1
Xing xiaojiu believes them.
With a woman’s intuition, she found out at the first glance that their unusual atmosphere was purely a mentality of watching good plays. She burned a fierce fire. "It’s Uncle … that’s better!"
Bao Qi didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence when she heard it behind her, just like Oriole’s valley girl.
"Brother Xiao, what a coincidence! You also choose clothes?"
Smile brilliantly and glance at the woman at the door.
A pair of red diamond-encrusted high-heeled shoes stretched her slender legs straight and beautiful. The skin outside the tube-top lace dress was delicate and white, and Chanel handbag and long curly hair in her hand swayed and smiled at the same time.
She doesn’t know this woman, but she’s not nervous.
Girls poke my collection hard!
At the same time, continue to watch another hey, follow the messy footsteps of a brocade to feel the beautiful and heavy love story of Xiao Ye Bao girl …
In addition, once again, I will not say anything if I really don’t understand …
☆, 16 meters smelly man! !
Brother Xiao?
Who is she? It’s so affectionate!
Seeing this, Xing Xiaojiu whispered in a Gherardini voice, "She is Min Jing."
-min Jing
Known for its generosity and elegance, Social circle is very active in Kyoto.
On that day, she also heard from Bao Ma that she has been the image ambassador of several charities and is the best marriage partner of Gao Qian brothers, the dream lover of men.
Of course, more importantly, she is the daughter-in-law that Master Leng likes.
Raise your eyebrows, Bao Qi, and poke fun at "Uncle, this aunt called you?"
Lengxiao took a sip of her lips and glanced at her face. The cold hard color seemed to have eased a lot.
"Miss Min, my niece likes to make jokes."
What is hostility in that little girl’s eyes?
Elegant smile Min Jing, where is the oil lamp? Everyone in the circle doesn’t know that although the man who is pursuing her is going to Xihuamen from the zoo, Miss Min likes the second young master of Lengjia.
Will posture into an elegant landscape Min Jing smiled and said, "Brother Xiao is a child who doesn’t understand things … in fact, she didn’t call it wrong."
On hearing this, Bao Qi almost bit his tongue.
Aunt? Uncle? Isn’t it cheaper for this woman to shout?
Mistake! Mistake!
Humming, she walked forward and took Lengxiao’s arm affectionately. "Uncle, can you choose clothes for me?"
Eyes slightly dark cold owl pulled her hand without a trace, but there was no objection.
The joy of victory made Baoqi particularly happy.
Wow! I didn’t expect that there are not only women’s clothes here, but also men’s wear of major first-line brands, especially Xi Yilu, who is so handsome that she can’t see her eyes.
Will he be as handsome as a military uniform if he wears western clothes?
"Uncle, this … must look good on you?"
O, deep sweep cold owl immediately alert.
She chose a black suit with zipper design, which is the same brand color as her own choice, and the attempt to match it is too obvious
Consciously, he coldly refused "I don’t like it!"
Secretly grinding his teeth, Bao Qi was whispering, and suddenly a light shadow appeared behind him. See Min Jing gracefully walk to the front of the men’s clothes rack next to him.
"Owl elder brother, in fact, you can try this latest gui retro suit which is popular this year. It must be very suitable for you …"