The snowman said that the last game was a live drama, and they were free to move around the villa.

The original entrance to the building and various rooms was sealed, and they were able to walk around the hall for half a month.
But as the snowman disappeared, those entrances were opened.
The beautiful girl with long hair among them has been scared out of shape, and the man with low crying glasses is constantly comforting.
Xiao Yuetu whispered to his companions, "Have you ever played drama killing before?"
Taotao has no wind, no Nangong dust, and it is even more impossible.
Yuan Tian did play, but this is the first time to play without any clue.
Xiao Yuetu said, "There seems to be no drama and no rules in this scene. We need to find all the clues ourselves."
Taotao is probably white, not only the clue, but also the cause of the matter.
Yuan Tian looked at the four men and shouted at them, "Everyone has been living under the same roof for so many days. I’m afraid the next game is not as simple as the previous games. Let’s get to know each other first."
He took the lead in introducing himself, "Twenty-one-year-old college students from Yuan Universe came to visit Mount Zhang. This is my girlfriend."
He pointed to Xiao Yuetu and took advantage of it.
Xiao Yuetu understood that when he saw his hidden name, he changed his name to "Xiao Baitu’s twenty-two-year-old student".
Yuan Tian is right to hide his real name.
After all, the mountain spirits know that they are spiritual teachers and don’t know their names.
In case the dark side of Shanling has heard of their names, they will be passive in the future.
Taotao "I came here at the age of 19 to find my missing friend. I just came in and I don’t know anything."
Taotao turned to look at the nangongshan dust and wind, and neither of them answered the words.
Taotao repeatedly motioned them to talk.
Nangong Dust casually made up a name "Nangong Blowing Snow"
The wind looks cold. "The wind is whistling."
Nangong Chen turned to "Little Brother, why do you call me a couple’s name?"
The wind "…"
Yeah, just gregarious.
The four men sat back at the table and they looked at each other.
The well-dressed glasses man spoke first. "Ye Kang is 30 years old and works as a lawyer in a law firm. I’m visiting the mountain."
The beautiful girl with long hair said, "My name is Zheng Zhi. I’m 25 years old and I’m also a tourist in the financial company class."
Another girl who doesn’t look like much Mandarin said, "Liu Zier is a 29-year-old worker and a clerk. She came here on annual leave the other day to relax."
Finally, the short man with acne marks on his face said, "Lu Zongping came to soak in hot springs at the age of 31."
Taotao "What a coincidence that everyone is here to travel"
Feng, they didn’t get the complete information of the four people when they came in, but Taotao has it.
She compared the information in her memory to make sure that they were not lying.
Xiao Yuetu asked, "Did you four know each other before?"
Ye Kang, a lawyer with glasses, said, "Not familiar."
Yuan Tian: "You know each other and you are all involved in the Blizzard Villa. Is this your agreed trip?"
Ye Kang adjusted her glasses. "I happened to meet us here without consulting before."
Taotao glanced at him. "There are three days when Shanling gave it. If you don’t understand it quickly, I’m afraid you will die."
㈧○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ _ 0 _
Liu Zier asked, "How do you understand?"
Taotao pointed to the stairs and rooms that have been opened in the distance. "Search the heights and you should be able to find clues."
Four people looked at five people across the street.
The girl looks the youngest, but everyone else listens quietly when she speaks.
It seems that this girl is the one who really has words among them.
Ye Kang wanted to think, "Then let’s search separately."
Zheng Zhi said in fear, "There won’t be anything weird about this villa, will there?"
"Don’t be afraid," Ye Kang comforted her. "Shan Ling won’t let us play games if she wants us to die. It’s better for the four of us to have a care together."
Taotao and others haven’t spoken yet, and he divided the search team into two waves without saying a word.
The four men chose to search for clues in the villa and gave them the part where there was a snowstorm outside.
Such as their building Xiao Yuetu pie mouth scold a way "one by one fine like ghosts who don’t know it’s cold outside? Sister, do we really have to search outside? "
Taotao drew a few shelter symbols and gave them to Xiao Yuetu and Yuan Tian to "go and have a look"
Five people left the house and went outside.
The snowstorm howled and turned into a snowman without stopping for a moment.
Wealth is too cold to come out in a peach coat.
The snow is a little smaller in front of the shelter operator.
The manor is very big, and there are large areas of snow-covered land to search before and after the castle.
Taotao said naturally, "Nangong and I will search the front and you three will search the back."
No one moved after she said that.
The wind and Nangong dust are thinking.
Xiao Yuetu doesn’t want to move on exemptions’ side.
Yuan Tian, on the other hand, is afraid to make a move. He likes the Nangong dust and wind very much, and he has risked his life. Under such circumstances, it is easy to swing from side to side.
Taotao "… it’s just a search, not a farewell."
The nangongshan dust smiled "or I and little teacher younger brother a group"