"Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t make things clear. Didn’t I go back to my grandmother to practice?"

"Well, then what?"
"Then I’m 6 now, because my former friends are all married, but I haven’t even had a boyfriend yet, and my grandmother started urging me to find a boyfriend."
"I’m all white from here, but there’s something wrong with you coming to see me, miss Herona. We’re nine years behind, although there are still many problems before that."
"That’s not what I mean. Let me finish first. Then you may not know that Daye has always been very enthusiastic about me, but I just can’t be interested in him. It’s better to say that he is not my favorite type or something. Then I also know that 6 words is really a troublesome age for women. I told my grandmother and parents that I wanted to concentrate on this world competition, but now it’s been a long time, but I still seem to be addicted to Poké mon against them. I can’t stand it, and what’s even worse is that they seem to be quite satisfied with Daye, because I told them Daye couldn’t do it, so they said,’ Then you can find one yourself.’ "
"Did you find me …" Let’s just know the ins and outs of the matter. "But according to your * * * attitude of Miss Herona, it’s not suitable for me to ask you to take your pre-marital boyfriend home."
"No, it’s not over yet, because I can’t answer and I can’t find the place. They just decided that I should hold a competition. If I win the championship, I will associate with him …" Miss Herona said in a rather weak tone. Aaron felt that if it was face-to-face communication, Miss Herona would almost cry.
"Now Daye is gearing up, and it seems that not only Daye but also Wusong and Aaron are going to participate in the competition. I have no feelings for them. Rather, I can’t imagine me walking hand in hand with them. Please, Aaron, come and take part in this competition. If you want to knock them down to the final winner, even grandma at your age, they will definitely not force me to associate with you." Miss Herona continued, this is a complete white reason for Aaron. At this age, I can’t disobey my elders any more, so I asked Aaron to stir up the water in this "contest to get married". If so, there would be no problem, and I promised Miss Herona to help her.
"That’s all. I’m going to go to Shenao about a week away from the museum, and I hope Mr. Qianli can help take care of a museum while I’m away." It’s not too late to learn that the game will start in half a month through Miss Hilona, and Aaron also went to Mr. Qianli first to ask Mr. Qianli to help see a museum.
"Aye, it’s really troublesome. Speaking of it, Herona is really at this age, but even pear flowers are not married. That Kona in the east is not married, right? They are all over 3, so it’s not too urgent. It’s not surprising that I got married around 30 years old, although I got married earlier." Mr. Qianli said after listening to this.
"Of course. Do you want me to wait until you are 3 years old?" It’s a surprise that Aunt Mizu is here. Oh, it seems to be to deliver lunch.
"Don’t say what Mr. Qianli just said in front of those two heavenly kings." Aaron just woke up. "Wait, but I don’t remember that it was Mr. Qianli. Please propose to Aunt Mizu first." Because it seems that Mr. Qianli wanted to drag it away and Aunt Mizu wouldn’t let him.
"Aye, even if I am stupid, Mizu was obviously putting pressure on me at that time, I also felt it." Mr. Qianli touched his head and smiled and was sighed by Aunt Mizu.
"Oh, yes, Aaron, this is for you from May." Then Aunt Mizu suddenly took out a red bag from her bag. It’s also lunch.
"Ah, thank you, Aunt Mizu, but why didn’t May come today?" Because it’s a little strange that May usually gives it to Aaron himself and then eats with Aaron.
"Ah, she seems to have been caught by Sunda today, and she can’t get away from it. I gave this to you."
"Caught by Sunda again. After all, I’ve always been surprised that May will run when he sees Sunda."
"Probably will be dug divination." The dream came out and put in a sentence. Aaron almost had a conditioned reflex and continued to answer.
"Well, I’ll go first," said Aunt Perfect Tianjin, and went out. Then Aaron and Mr. Qianli started a lunch alone, but let’s continue the topic just now.
"In managing the Dojo, this is a week’s business trip, so you don’t need any agent for Dojo trainers. What’s worse is not sudden. Just ask Miss Sato at the front desk to tell a challenger to put up a sign at the entrance of Dojo these days. Sometimes I take Mizu out to play with the roots when I’m in the Orange China Dojo, but things are fine to this extent." Mr. Qianli continued, Aaron also felt that maybe Mr. Qianli, a Dojo trainer, was more casual than he thought, but he was going to listen to Qianli. Mr. Li told May about the situation. Because the May national hand coordination trainer had a lot of things to do in the battle center, he couldn’t go together to make other preparations. After half a month, Aaron also set off for Shenao.
Aaron came to Shen Ao Shen Ao the day before the "contest to get married", and the first thing he did was to meet Miss Herona. Miss Herona seemed to have been waiting for Aaron for a long time, and she was moved to see him. It seems that this situation is really very bad.
"Aaron told you before that there were Wu Song and Aaron, but the actual situation is much more severe than these." After talking about some digressions, Miss Herona suddenly said, and then took out a piece of paper and wrote several names.
"Alder Lianwu Vaccinium these four kings and four kings champion exactly what’s going on! And even if others forget Alder, the bad old man will come! "
"Yes, and I had a good chat with my grandmother. My grandmother also told me that this old man is surprisingly good. What …" Miss Herona cried and said, Ah, it’s so cute. If Aaron didn’t have a firm position, he might really just can’t hold it.
"Who else can I see? These probably aren’t, because they won’t be too big a threat … poof!" Aaron almost choked on a drink.
"What the hell is that bastard Xiao Yi thinking!"
"I guess he should come to help me out."
"You can’t guess at this time, Miss Girona! Trouble is really trouble. It’s more meaningful than Mr. Alder. "Xiaoyong and Xiaoyi obviously expressed their admiration for Miss Herona when they traveled together, but Miss Herona seems to have treated them as children of the same age as Aaron and never cared about them. Among them, Xiaoyong said that Aaron felt that he didn’t really want to associate with Miss Herona. How about it? After all, it’s 7 years old, but Xiaoyi said that Aaron is not sure. After all, he is old and Aaron is 4 years old (physically rather than psychologically) and now he runs from the orange islands specially.
"By the way, Miss Herona, Xiaoyi should have arrived in Shenhe Town by now. Has he come to see you?" Aaron thought of a little and asked
"No, I’m surprised, too. Many people come to me and tell me what will happen if they win, but I haven’t seen his words yet," said Miss Girona, and Aaron is probably understood here
"But anyway, since Miss Shilona asked me to win the competition, I will definitely go all out." No matter what Xiao Yi’s motivation is, since she promised Miss Shilona, Aaron is going to do a good job, and regardless of Xiao Yi’s motivation, most of the contestants really like Miss Shilona. Even though several four kings have participated in the competition, Aaron feels that Miss Shilona is not unable to find a boyfriend, but because she is really too high and beautiful, so it is probably the same for Miss Pear Flower and Miss Kona.
"Great, Aaron, my future is in your hands!" Miss Herona holds Aron’s hand and says that it is really easy to misunderstand the dialogue. Plus, people who don’t know Aron’s height will never think that Aron is 17 years old. No matter how young she is, there must be contestants in this small restaurant. Seeing Miss Herona holding Aron’s hand like this, Aron feels that she will definitely be treated with "enthusiasm" in the day competition. Anyway, she can’t escape it, so she won’t care.
Then the next day, I carefully counted the contestants, and there were actually 186 people! And I heard that in fact, there was a lot of chaos in these days before the start of the game. Probably, a large number of people have been eliminated before … Sure enough, Miss Herona’s popularity is really not covered, and then looking at her chest with the serial number 177 is also Aaron’s turn to fight for a long time.
Two hundred and thirty-nine mentoring! Aaron vs Wusong!
Shenhe Town is not a big city. There is also a standard battle field behind Poké mon Center. Although Miss Herona seems to have a personal training ground in the nearby forest, it seems that there is no battle field there. A large number of contestants can naturally squeeze here. Then Miss Herona’s parents and grandmother are sitting not far away. Miss Herona is naturally there, and Miss Herona is no longer wearing that black dress today, but wearing a white dress. Looking back carefully, I didn’t see Miss Herona wearing a black coat for so long before traveling with Miss Herona. It seems that she was forced to change her body by her grandmother. Just look at it, Miss Herona is very charming.
Aaron hasn’t been able to find Xiao Yi Aaron’s national player here to participate in this competition. It seems that he has traveled all over this town in one day. Although this town is really small and obvious, Aaron feels a lot of murderous feelings. The speed of the competition has started. Mr. Daye’s chest is No.1. It seems that he is very enthusiastic. The opponent of this competition is simply No.1, No.3, No.4, and the number order is the registration order. Aaron’s opponent is No.178, but he hasn’t seen No.178 yet. Did Mr. Daye take the first one easily, and then the game continued for about 5 minutes. Under the circumstances, there was no break, and everyone was told not to damage the venue as much as possible. It was not particularly necessary to maintain the venue. The game started at 7: 00 a.m. and didn’t rest for an hour until 11: 00. However, it was already 51 games, and many games were less than 5 minutes. Then, because everyone was a rival in love, they didn’t talk nonsense with each other until the first game was finished, that is, there were already 5. One person was successfully lovelorn, but it seems that they are not going to leave. They are going to see who Miss Herona will associate with in the end. In fact, many people were destroyed by chaos before the start of the game, and then the afternoon game started at 1 o’clock, and then Xiao Yi appeared on the 14th!
"Hey, that’s the man, right? Gao Qiao Yi finished the 100-person chop before the start of the game."
"Yes, but the national player, compared with the four kings, Mr. Daye, I feel that this person has a bigger win. When I fought with him before, I really wanted to escape. It was really amazing." After Xiaoyi’s game, Aaron heard the conversation between two people next to him
"A hundred people cut off, that is, did he get rid of one person before the game? That’s amazing," Super Dream said.
"Now is not the time to praise. Look, this guy is really serious this time. When his companion is really a trustworthy enemy, it is even more horrible."
"But I’m very excited to see you."
"After all, it is also a world series to play."
Xiaoyi knocked down his opponent after three moves. Xiaoyi fought easily, and then the game continued for a long time. Finally, it was Aaron’s turn, but his opponent was not the kind that was particularly worthy of prevention. Aaron also took the game easily, and there were not many games behind him. So on the first day of the game, Aaron tried to find Xiaoyi, but he finally thought about it and gave up.
The next day, the game will start at 7: 00 pm, but today it is expected to finish the first round in one afternoon. After noon break, it will start the third round at noon. Just speaking from the fruit, Aaron cares that the strong ones have got promoted as they wish, but Aaron’s opponent is in trouble. It is better to say that he knew that Mr. Wusong was on the 18th yesterday, and Aaron knew that his opponent was Mr. Wusong today.
"Aaron didn’t expect you to be interested in Herona. Did you break up with May?" All the other contestants came here to fight nonsense, but Mr. Wusong said this to Aaron.
"No, there are complicated reasons, so I can’t explain to you here for the time being, master, but what surprises me is that you have always had a good impression on Miss Herona? To be honest, I haven’t found it. "
"Uh-huh, no"
"…" Aaron was silent. "So, can I ask what master will you take part in this competition?"
"There’s nothing I can’t help but want to knock Daye over and laugh at him because I’m so excited to see him-so I specially postponed the registration, hoping to clean him up in the final, but I do like or hate Herona, and I’m almost at the age of marriage. After all, I’m 7 years old. If Herona can be my girlfriend, I really don’t have any dissatisfaction." Mr. Wusong said that Ma heard the sound of Mr. Daye’s "Wusong you bastard" coming nearby, which Aaron didn’t expect from his master.
"Well, anyway, let’s get started. After all, today’s schedule is still quite tight, and I can’t wait to play against Master again."
"Well, then let me see if you got stronger when you left me!"
Aaron and Mr. Wusong were thrown out of Poké Ball at almost the same time. Aaron was top cat and Mr. Wusong was a bronze bell.
"The body scattered and retreated to a place meters away from the venue." Mr. Daye suddenly began to shout. It is also clear that this battle is extraordinary. Everyone knows that the main player of the national team and his own side have taken the initiative to retreat.
"Aaron, although it is a small gap, it is I who sent Poké mon first to attack first! Use illusion! "
"Then we will make high-speed stars!"
The bronze bell body emits blue light, and then followed by top cat. However, top cat seems to have grasped the bronze bell on the ground and couldn’t lift top cat. Then top cat hit a flashing star from the forehead gem, and the star became bigger and hit the bronze bell.
"Iron wall!"
Although it seems to be a very small attack, it is precisely because of the guidance of Aaron that Mr. Song knows that this skill is not as weak as it looks. The bronze bell body emits white light, and then the high-speed star hits and makes a metal collision. Because of the illusion, top cat is weakened, and the moving speed of the bronze bell is not excellent. There may be no way to avoid the top cat assault.
"Spiral ball!"
"One hundred thousand volts!"
See top cat menacing bronze bell began to spin quickly, top cat is immediately brake and then toward the rotating bronze bell with one hundred thousand volts! The flow wrapped the bronze bell, but the bronze bell didn’t stop moving because of it, but continued to rush forward.
"It is also expected to protect!"
The rotating bronze bell continued to approach, but it was blocked by an invisible shield when it was about to hit top cat! The shield seems to have a strong force to bounce off the bronze bell that slammed into it, and even the rotation was forced to stop
"It’s our turn, Shadow Claw!"
"That’s how it’s toxic!"
Top cat’s two front paws were wrapped in black air, and then top cat jumped up and there were two paws! Although the bronze bell has no expression, it is also very harmful to look at it! However, as planned, the huge bell mouth of the bronze bell suddenly faced top cat, and then some purple liquid was sprayed from the inside, spraying top cat all over.
"Aaron, do you think I will eat your skills casually?" Mr. Wusong laughed confidently, and Aaron was really careless about the highly toxic bronze bell.
"But it is still in melee combat! Shadow claw! "
"One more time, Iron Wall!"