Jiang Xiaoyu’s mouth is not short of flowers for a day or two. He is sad that he was invited to be expelled from the Flower Palace, or because he didn’t kill Jiang Xiaoyu Guo. This fellow provoked him before. If it weren’t for the lack of flowers, Jiang Xiaoyu’s body would be cold by now.

However, Jiang Xiaoyu’s line "Heart Man" has pierced the secret that flowers are hidden deep in the heart and cannot be revealed in front of people.
I haven’t moved for a long time. After listening to this, I gave Jiang Xiaoyu a cold look. Jiang Xiaoyu smiled. "Brother Hua, don’t worry. What kind of beauty can’t escape my little fish routine? Why don’t I give you an idea?"
Jiang Xiaoyu was short of flowers, and his eyes were so full that he couldn’t see the secret. This is to kill people! How clever Jiang Xiaoyu is! He must not hurry to find a way out for himself.
"Brother Hua, I’m serious. Why don’t you tell me something? I’ll give you an idea and help you save that beautiful woman’s heart."
Jiang Xiaoyu has never seen an invitation to the moon, but just listening to the invitation to the moon and the river’s lake smell is enough to prove that the invitation to the moon is beautiful, but the age of the invitation to the moon can be a flower. Is there really no problem with this flower brother’s eyes?
However, Jiang Xiaoyu dares to talk about these words in his heart. You should know that flowers are short and usually have a good temper, but as soon as someone says that it is the owner of the Flower Palace, it is not this guy who has a good temper. It is unambiguous to start work.
Jiang Xiaoyu said nothing to himself there, but he didn’t worry, so he waited slowly. After all, it was the most unbearable to spend a long time with people like Hua deficiency, and Jiang Xiaoyu could wait patiently.
"Since I was a child, I have no parents who grew up in the Flower Palace. My two aunts are my closest relatives. My little aunt is gentle and kind to me. My big aunt is arrogant and strict with me, but I know that she is the most stubborn and soft-hearted. Every night, she secretly goes to see me, that is, I am punished and injured by her, and she quietly heals for me."
"I think that even if I don’t conform to the rules of the Flower Transplant Palace, my aunt will find me in the end. Although I always make my aunt angry, my aunt treats me as before, regardless of others, but in my heart, my aunt is the most beautiful and best person in this world."
"Before I left the palace, my aunt gave me an order to kill you, but you were the first friend I really met after I left the Flower Palace, and I was deeply moved by your kindness with Iron Girl. I never disobeyed my aunt’s words, but this time I not only didn’t listen to her, but my aunt moved!"
"My aunt gave me a short name, taught me martial arts poems, and gave me the best things in the world. I know that she will never go back on her word. This time she really doesn’t want me!"
This is the most time that Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Que have spoken to Hua Que since they met. Jiang Xiaoyu listened to the score. Although Hua Que went to the Flower Palace to invite the moon and pity the stars, he said that every sentence could not be separated from inviting the moon.
Jiang Xiaoyu was born smart, and he also had a deep understanding of the relationship between Tiexinlan and two of a kind.
Flowers are short of face and tears are still talking, and their eyes are tender and tender, full of affectionate words, and they are gentle and trembling, which is not like the old man-eating fireworks.
He is deeply attached to his big aunt, but he dare not say anything, dare not face his feelings, want to escape but are reluctant to part.
"Brother Hua, are you happy with your aunt?"
If Jiang Xiaoyu’s sentence "Heart Man" just now is a joke, then now this sentence "Heart Joy" is to completely pierce the window paper in Hua Que’s heart, so that he has to face up to his true feelings.
"I want to stay with my aunt forever, thinking that she is worried and happy every day, that’s all."
That’s all?
Jiang Xiaoyu stare big eyes watching the flowers lack flowers, Brother Hua. Thanks to my praise for your honesty in the past, you’re so slick that you don’t like my little fish!
Jiang Xiaoyu’s white flowers are missing one eye. Just say so.
"Brother Hua, you said that your aunt is the most stubborn and soft-hearted. It must be that she said an angry word. If you go back and beg her, she will not be angry with you again."
"You don’t know that your aunt never takes back what she says." Flower deficiency shook her head.
"Then I ask you, do you want a generation to accompany her? Flower shortage or did she raise her child, her apprentice? " Jiang Xiaoyu eyes turn with a smile.
"Is there a difference between the two?" I don’t know what it means for a moment.
"If the former, you should be honest with yourself and capture her heart. two of a kind never leaves; If it is the latter, you need to admit your mistake and ask her for forgiveness. A generation silently watches over her and looks up to her. Of course, you can have both. "
Jiang Xiaoyu saw that the flowers were short of silence and then added, "First, take the opportunity to stay with her in the name of the latter, and then slowly chart and tell your heart. This is the policy."
Jiang Xiaoyu knew that he had listened to what he said, and it was already dawn before he could ask him what he thought.
"I’ll leave immediately and go back to the Flower Palace."
Flower shortage finally made a decision. Jiang Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. The speed of this fake fairy’s action is also very comparable!
I have something to say.
I want to say that it is abuse that makes it sweet. La la la la, I need to go back to the Flower Palace to chase my wife!
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Hua Que took Jiang Xiaoyu back to Jiangfu Tiexinlan. Finally, it was Hua Que who had to pack his bags and go back to the Flower Palace immediately. Even his maid, Lotus Lotus Cream, didn’t understand its meaning, but Hua Que was very determined. Naturally, they had to obey orders.
Hua Que left Jiangfu early in the morning, and everyone except Jiang Xiaoyu didn’t spend it. When he left his descendants, Jiang Xiaoyu’s face was also closed.
Once upon a time, Jiang Xiaoyu knew that his biological parents couldn’t get away from moving the flower palace, but after he entered the Jianghu, he met the flower shortage and found that the style of moving the flower palace was not similar, so he was puzzled.
Even though he doesn’t want to admit that the lack of flowers is better than him, he still has to say that the lack of flowers deserves the lack of fame.
Jiang Xiaoyu, who met each other, even knew how Hua Que could teach Hua Que such a perfect person. He never felt that inviting the moon and pity stars should not be a heinous person.
Especially after the moon was invited to take him away, he looked at the score. She wanted to force the flowers to be short of shots, but she didn’t really want him to die. She knew everything by looking at the palm of her hand.