"I can’t believe it. I cry and cry."

"Haha, women’s big brothers, real women’s big brothers"
"After that, Mrs. baiwan, who has been completely destroyed by the pit owner baiwan, is so beautiful."
"It’s really good-looking. How do you dress up?"
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, Lord, I’m going to give you a monkey."
On-site magic dressing up and gorgeous transformation, although the explosion of the program effect made the audience ecstatic and even more explosive, it was not suluo’s women’s dressing up and flourishing beauty, nor suluo’s dancing with long sleeves, but some of his chorus was still laughing at the scene and in front of the TV. The audience was dumbfounded.
"Love and hate are in a flash"
"Raise a glass to the moon."
It’s love and hate. In an instant, the scalp pins and needles and the hair blows up. In an instant, all the audience at the scene and in front of the screen are shocked. It’s unbelievable that the eyes will pop out of the rhythm while covering their mouths.
This is impossible.
"Love and hate are two boundless"
"Love when you ask a gentleman"
Rice fragrance says good harvest.
Listen to "wow"
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three Looking back, laughing, shame and beauty
There is no way to guess the pit master’s playing routine.
You and he want a women’s show, and the whole world wants a women’s show. Weibo eats melons, and the masses are ready to brush a wave of "big hanging cute girls", but they see a cold mask
You, you’ve been cheated again. You’ve been miserable. You’re disappointed and desperate
I never thought that the most gorgeous way of his horse club would instantly show you the beauty show of the prosperous age.
You’ll kill him like this, and then your voice will get worse
Don’t you dare believe it
Everyone was stunned.
Stunned and unbelievable
"Ah ah ah"
"Oh, my God, it’s a woman."
"Is it true that he sings? It’s too scary."
"Beijing Opera, authentic Beijing Opera"
"That’s amazing. That’s a real girl. It’s like singing in a woman’s bones. His balls are meowing and he’s going to be shown off."
This song, this song is a pair of men and women, and both of them are performed by one person.
First, the pure man Li Longji recalled, then the pure woman died and became immortal. Yang Yuhuan missed Li Longji.
One day, one person, Yin and Yang are separated from each other, and their love will never change.
"Chrysanthemum Terrace Reflects the Moon"
"Who knows that my love is cold?"
"Drunk in the arms of kings"
"Dream back to love in Datang"
Being an immortal should have no cold feeling, but Yang Yuhuan still loves Li Longji, and she is still tied down by people’s true feelings before she feels the biting chill. Even in the celestial world, she will sit in the attic covered with chrysanthemums all day and watch the sunset and the moon alone.
Jiangshan beauty was forced to choose Jiangshan, and I knew it was my destiny.
Since it’s a robbery, if Du Jie wants to be buried in the loess, he will always be reborn if he doesn’t die
You have to wait until the time.
Only when you are drunk can you dream of love in Tang Dynasty.
There is no answer, and now I can express my gratitude to the king.
The beauty of the prosperous age tickles people’s hearts, and the singer is amazing to the people of China.
Even the reporters who have been satirizing Su Luo’s vulgar gimmicks like "big women’s clothes" and "big cute girls" to cater to fans were shocked.
In order to cater to fans, follow the trend and create gimmicks, when you see this scene, you have no nerve to say anything.
I don’t even wait for you to say "pa" and slap you directly in the face.
If you change clothes, sing and dance, many people will call you a pervert.
Changing women’s clothes, singing and dancing are definitely the pursuit of art.
No, I can’t
It’s not just as simple as changing women’s clothes. His voice was completely changed to a pure woman. After a voice, he was amazing. His scalp was numb and he was covered in goose bumps.
It is simply a perfect interpretation of the static and dynamic beauty of Yang Guifei’s charming and graceful style.
I’ve seen a lot of men dressed as women, but I’ve never seen such a thorough dress. If I don’t know if he is a man, I’m afraid so.