At this moment, in the middle of the month, solitary Chen lies at the top of this courtyard after practicing, quietly looking at the stars in the sky, while Xiaobai is listless beside Ye Guchen. This guy seems to be not very interested in things except for eating.

"Xiao Bai, how long do you think we will stay here?" Ye Guchen looked at the star and asked Xiao Bai unconsciously. At this time, he suddenly felt homesick and missed his father, but he didn’t go back because he knew that since he made up his mind to step into this mysterious realm of repairing the truth, everything was abandoned by himself. Now he can’t turn back and he won’t.
Everyone has a dream, and Ye Guchen is no exception. Maybe once his dream was very simple. In the next generation, he wanted to find a stable job with a lot of income, and then he wanted to find a gentle and virtuous wife who was not too beautiful, live a dull and happy life in this love, and spend a sweet time with his lover. It was already his greatest dream in life.
However, when he was born again, he had a new dream, that is, to kill Yuheng and become the first master in the Jianghu. Yuzryha’s family is no longer in doubt. Ye Guchen achieved this goal, but now his goal is to become the first master in the field of repair. Everything is no longer tied down and he becomes worried and can travel around the world. This is his greatest dream. Of course, if possible, it would be perfect to find the wonderful cloud girl who has let himself see each other tightly but has been dreaming for several years, and become a fairy couple with her all her life.
Everyone has a dream, but he can give up everything, and Ye Guchen is no exception. With the change of his status and strength, his dream changes again, but it remains the same. He is pursuing his dream, even if it is full of thorns and bumps.
"Boss, I don’t know how long you say this. Anyway, it’s good to follow the boss." Xiaobai responded listlessly to a home to return to. Besides, Xiaobai, the ambitious spirit beast, has a simple goal. Every day, he eats, drinks and sleeps in the sun with Ye Guchen. He is very satisfied with other Xiaobai, but he is not too happy. Although those memories in his mind tell him that he is definitely not simple and there are some unknown mysterious life experiences, who is that? At the very least, Xiao Bai doesn’t care. He thinks that life is already very good now. Of course, a good practice can help the boss. He is also willing, but his practice methods can be used to sleep without worrying.
"Ha ha is it? Well, my goal now is actually very simple, that is, to strengthen my study as soon as possible. Although it is good to stay here in the evil Sect, how can I grow up if I stay in others forever? What’s more, what’s the fun if you just live your life in peace? I think that since people are alive, they should live a wonderful life, not experience some other people’s experiences and things, and not browse through this magnificent world of repair. Didn’t I walk through it in vain? " Stroking Xiao Bai’s supple fur leaves, solitary Chen leaned against Xiao Bai’s body and then half-squinted and said
"whoosh ~ ~" Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in the sky, and a holy brother’s royal sword flew by, and directly crossed the cold peak of this day and went straight to the distant holy evil peak. I didn’t know that something had happened, but a brother’s royal sword flew. You know, this evil brother’s royal sword is strictly forbidden to fly, otherwise it will be severely punished unless there is an emergency.
"Hey ~ ~ Don’t have something happened to have a brother flying in this evil extremely royal sword? Well, but then again, the flying of the Royal Sword really looks very good. It’s a pity that even if you have a flying sword, you can’t refine your flying until then. I’m still far from it. At this rate, I estimate that it will take several years to reach the then period. Ah ~ ~ The road to fix the truth is slowly long. This sentence is really true. "Ye Guchen sat up straight and looked at the distance, and it was like a meteor rushing out. The holy brother said with a little envy.
The realm of "Royal Sword Flying Nine Wan Li Soaring Up to the Sky" really envies every man. Ye Guchen is no exception. Everyone has a dream of flying. Ye Guchen once fantasized about his life. He also had the impulse to become a pilot, but unfortunately, he still didn’t succeed due to physical and family reasons. But now this royal sword flying is obviously much more challenging than the pilot. Ye Guchen naturally wants to try.
"I’m so envious. I can fly when I pass the thunder robbery. How about I take you to fly, boss?" The little white eyelid glanced at the time when it flashed across the sky, yawned, and then said casually, as if flying in the sky is like being able to do something bigger, he didn’t care at all.
"Hey ~ you can fly? Well, why didn’t I know this before? " Ye Guchen asked in surprise because he really didn’t know Xiao Bai had this ability before. This guy seems to have never shown these things.
"Of course, I can, but something in my memory tells me that if I want to fly, I have to survive the nine-thunder robbery, but now I can’t, but it won’t be long before the nine-thunder robbery in four months." Xiaobai doesn’t need to hide two personal feelings for Ye Guchen, and no one else can compare with Ye Guchen. After all, Ye Guchen is the first person he has seen since he was born and his closest person
"Okay, but I still want to forge a flying sword, flying fairy, but I dream of flying by myself and flying by others. That’s two completely different concepts." Ye Guchen patted Xiao Bai’s forehead and said with some sighs.
"Then you can find someone to help you practice your sword. Real boss, how come your brain is not as good as mine when you stay here for a long time? I can’t fly now to get something out first. Then I think it’s like getting those barbecues before. I’ll fix them first and then I can eat the taste at any time when I want to eat. "Xiao Bai squinted and drooled and said something. Ye Guchen also felt that Xiao Bai was suddenly savvy and was about to praise him. When he heard it, he couldn’t help but have a row of black lines on his forehead and twitched a few times. He also ignored this lazy goods.
"You’re right. I’ll go to Bibi now and ask them what kind of material they want to refine the flying sword." Ye Guchen got up and jumped toward the surface. After a few minutes, he came to the Bibi outside their door.
"Can you tell me something?" Bide and others have already surpassed Ye Guchen’s practice. They don’t need to eat or rest. On weekdays, they meditate at midnight to cultivate their knowledge all over the courtyard. First, it is convenient for Ye Guchen. Second, it is also a guarantee for Ye Guchen’s safety. Although it is an evil place, outsiders dare not come here to make trouble even if they are bold, but it is always good to be prepared. Even if no one hurts Ye Guchen, even if there is a bump, it is their fault.
"No, I suddenly want to practice sword. I’m in the late stage of Xu Dan. Although it may take a long time to reach the stage of then, I want to forge a flying sword. I wonder if Sister Bidie can help me?" Ye guchen still speaks so politely. He never feels superior. At least in front of Bi Di and others, Ye guchen sometimes feels a little inferior. Although they are all their handmaids, they are all repairing themselves.
"Refining fly sword? Well, of course, but I’m not bad at refining flying swords in the cold weather, but it’s far from those other disciples. I’ve heard the master say that you can get in and out of the peaks by yourself. You can always consult several disciples and say that it’s better for me to see this refiner, or to go to Uncle Tian Lian, a refiner in Houshan Beiming Peak. He’s a famous refiner master in the field, but it’s definitely much better for you to refine a flying sword than for us to help you. Why don’t you try it? " After hearing this, Bi Di hesitated for a while and said, it’s not that she doesn’t want to help Ye Guchen, but that she knows very well that the northern ghost peak refining device is much higher than her own cold peak, and Ye Guchen has a special identity. If you find a real person to help you, you will definitely have a better flying sword, which is also of limited benefit to Ye Guchen in the future.
"Well, in that case, I’ll go to the real person who tried to practice heaven." Ye Guchen wanted to nod and said that he was convinced that the real person who tried to practice heaven would help him at the beginning, but even the fairy instrument "Star-studded dragon lock" was willing to give it to himself to help forge a small flying sword.
"When ~ ~" But at this moment, a melodious bell rang in the whole sacred territory. Although it was not deafening, it was thought-provoking, as if it stimulated people’s souls, and people were unconsciously stunned. Then they looked at the sacred peak of this clock.
"Swing soul clock? Did something happen? " Just now, I had a smile on my face, and my face was a little dignified. My eyebrows were unconsciously wrinkled together, and several other people, Liu Mei and Xiao Zhu Qingyin, also came out of the room with a dignified expression as if something important had happened.
The "soul-swinging clock" has a special significance in the cult of evil spirits. Generally, it doesn’t ring. It only rings when something important happens in the clan and everyone needs to be called to listen to the teachings. It was a hundred years ago that the soul-swinging clock rang.
Looking at several people’s expressions, Ye Guchen was just about to ask when something happened. Suddenly, the powerful and majestic voice of the evil people sounded in the whole range of the holy extreme Sect. "The three talents surprised the gods, but whoever is mentally determined by my holy extreme Sect, who intends to break through, will enter the three talents surprised the gods at noon."
The sound was repeated three times and resounded through the whole holy pole. It was only after everyone heard it that the sound was dumb. At this time, Ye Guchen realized that he had just broken through the sky and wanted to fly his sword. That’s why his brother was flying in Zongmen Royal Sword.
Unconsciously, Ye Guchen looked at several people behind him with some curiosity and then consciously asked, "Is the cave of three talents a thing?"
Four beautiful maidservants looked at each other and sighed with envy. "It’s a good blessing to be fair. The Sancai Jingshen Cave is my holy land. No one knows how the Sancai Jingshen Cave was born. Since the Sancai Jingshen Cave was located at this time, it has been in existence. The so-called Sancai Jingshen Cave is generally opened once every hundred years, but it is dangerous, but the aura is rich and it will be beneficial to practice. Besides, there are some special Dan medicine, Xiancao, and the predecessors have left weapons. The most important achievement method is in it. Surface cultivation is definitely ten times and a hundred times more than that outside. Of course, it is very dangerous inside. If you don’t have enough strength to enter it, you will die. The Sancai Jingshen Cave was discovered by my predecessors. It is said that when the Sanji Sect was founded, I was already here. Three talents from heaven and earth were able to enter the corresponding abode of fairies and immortals for three months. If you are lucky, you can gain a lot. Even if you can’t break through, you will make great progress. It seems that the public will find a day to practice martial arts and practice sword. I’ll wait for the public to prepare to pack up
"Are you? That’s a good feeling, hehe. In that case, I can put the matter of refining flying swords on hold for a while. Well, I didn’t expect this holy Sect to have such a good place. By the way, since these three talents are so good, can’t they be put on hold for a long time? " Leaf solitary Chen ha ha a smile and then said
"It’s not surprising that the cave is opened once every hundred years, and it’s not certain where it is located. My holy brother is stationed around the cave. Once it is opened, someone immediately reports to the head. Twenty years ago, we all got a lot of benefits. I didn’t expect that the cave will be opened again in less than two months. It’s really beyond our expectation that it can be said that it’s a blessing to stay in heaven." Bidie smiled and explained to Ye Guchen that she also knew that Ye Guchen didn’t know much about the matter of fixing the true world.
"Well, in that case, let’s tidy up and get ready to enter. You guys should also go in. We have all prepared for that guy Yu Xiaobai. I think I’d better leave it to the cold reality to take care of it." Ye Guchen nodded his head for the reason and said that Yu Xiaobai, a lazy guy, presumably didn’t want to enter the cave, which was even more dangerous. Ye Guchen heard that it was dangerous and didn’t want Xiao Bai to make a risk, so he decided to leave him to the cold reality anyway, and the cold reality wouldn’t mistreat this guy.
I broke out and asked for tickets ~)
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Three talents surprised god hole
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Three talents surprised god hole
It’s a great event for the whole cult of evil. The three classes of practitioners are the virtual elixir period, the elixir period and the infant period. Although the three stages of human cultivation are not very high, it is necessary to say that these three are the roots of a sect. It is not only the number of experts but also the resources that they have been given after their backbone are very important to see for a long time.
If the fighters in the academy belong to the foundation of evil extreme Sect, then the younger brother of the virtual Dan period, then the golden Dan period, the Yuan infant period is the future of evil extreme Sect. Therefore, those high-level officials pay special attention to this three-talent shock cave and the evil extreme Sect, especially when they enter the "three-talent shock cave" and there is a very special person, Ye Guchen!
"Well, this time, the little ancestor’s frontal lobe solitary Chen will also enter the cave of three talents. What do you think of this?" Sitting in the central position, the evil man in the hall of the holy evil peak looked at his side and whispered that his expression was particularly strange when he said this.
"This is naturally not a problem, but if something goes wrong, we can’t afford to eat it, brother. Do you think we should tell some brothers to protect Ye Guchen carefully?" The sky cracked and the reality whispered, when I said this, it was very thick, and my eyebrows were almost wrinkled together.
The crack of the sky silenced a few people around them. They knew very well that if Ye Guchen had an accident, they couldn’t afford it. If the ancestors made moves to the back hill, the elders would tear them alive.
"Why don’t we persuade him not to let him enter the cave of three talents?" The cold reality whispered that since Yuzryha lone Chen entered it, once there was an accident, they couldn’t afford to eat it, so it was better not to let him enter it. This method is conservative but the safest.
"Don’t let in? But our ancestors told us to take good care of it, but not too much. Otherwise, we would have told the ancestor that the bronze statue of us and our identity would not be covered up. After all, our ancestors also said that it is not a good thing for him to always be in a honey pot. But his old man’s heart is good enough to exercise him. If we do this, wouldn’t it disappoint our ancestors? " Tianjin reality said with a frown
"In that case, let’s just let him in. Although it’s dangerous, he can also go in the past. After all, it’s the ancestors who value people, and there is" The Star of Eternity "plus we can’t give treasures. It’s really no good to send a few younger brothers to follow. Although there are strict restrictions on the Sancai Jingshen Cave, no one can enter it, but we can send a few virtual Dan top brothers to follow and give magic weapons, right? A lot of words in the wrong novel network should be explained to them clearly, so stay away from them when the time comes and leave them alone if there is no danger to your life. " Sitting there, skyfire is the most irritable person. If you see this, it won’t work. Then you will be a little anxious and say it at the top of your voice.
"Well, now there is also such a way. I’ll leave this matter to you to do for Teacher Tian Mu. You will preside over the opening ceremony of Sancai Jingshen Cave." After hearing this, the evil people will not say much and directly reach the order. On this day, the evil people still have absolute power to speak.
At noon the next day, a valley in front of the North Ghost Peak in the back of the mountain was full of people, and there were many evil people. This imaginary Dan went out of the body for 10 thousand people. Although this valley is wide, it is also full of people at this moment. At this moment, they are divided into three camps, namely, the yuan baby period, the golden Dan period and the imaginary Dan period. It seems that it has been a rule for many years, and everyone consciously abides by it.
Yu Yu said that Ye Guchen is a little special. There are four beautiful women accompanying him in the middle of the three teams. It looks better than cool, but it has been hated by several people. Many people have to look at Ye Guchen. Obviously, everyone doesn’t know that Ye Guchen is an evil person. It seems that he has never heard of such a person. A virtual Dan younger brother actually waited on him with four little masters guarding him during his infancy. This scene makes everyone somewhat uncomfortable.
"Brother who is that guy? We still have this kind of person when we were in the holy Sect? Oh, my God, aren’t those sisters from Tianhanfeng? How can they wait on him there? A little empty Dan period that a few the teacher elder sister are yuan baby period. "A yuan baby period Gao Gao said to the companion next to her.
"I don’t know this, but maybe this guy is a cold teacher or uncle, or else how can you get this courtesy? Well, well, it’s true that when I was a human being, I knew how hard you worked in this world, so it’s not as good as thinking about it. This realm of fixing things must be different. It’s not bad to practice for 270 years. Now it seems that this man’s life is the most important. Look at people’s virtual Dan period, and there are several teachers and sisters who are waiting on him, and there is a limit to the future. Real people are more angry than people, "said a lanky-faced brother with a face of pain.
"Look at who the man is, how so down a peg or two? How many Yuan infants did Xu Dan bring to wait on him? "
"Ah ~ you don’t know that man is the head of the laity Sun. I told you that the head was in those days."
Sometimes people are always very fond of Ye Guchen, so it is easy to arouse others’ reverie here. This Ye Guchen has been here for a short time, and there have been several reverie about his identity. Among them, the identity of the cold real person and the evil person is the most acceptable.
All this Ye Guchen didn’t say much in his ears, but he didn’t turn his head for a moment. He stared at the distance in the middle of this valley, where there were three caves with strange brilliance. Outside this cave, there was a ten-foot gaoshibei stone tablet engraved with a line of big words to write this "three talents surprised the gods"
At the back of this stone tablet are the names of the three abode of fairies and immortals, each written by a vigorous and powerful Chinese character "Heaven and Earth Man", which marks the names of the three abode of fairies and immortals.
Ye Guchen didn’t mind that a few handmaids turned a little red here, but Tian Mu, a real person sitting at the entrance of this abode of fairies and immortals, couldn’t listen. These brothers are getting more and more lost. I really don’t know that it would be a virtue to let them talk again, so Tian Mu, a real person, couldn’t help coughing twice.
But don’t say that Tian Mu’s reality is still very prestigious. After coughing gently for two times, the scene around here was chaotic and instantly quiet. Ten thousand people held their breath and closed their mouths, waiting for Tian Mu’s real teachings.
Looking around, Tianmu reality slowly got up with his hands behind his back, and then Lang said, "Today, everyone, it’s time for me to start the day again. Twenty years ago, many of you got a lot of benefits, including making great progress and making breakthroughs. Of course, many people fell into the cave on the spot. Although there are many benefits, it is also dangerous. You are all my holy ancestors. The future is all my holy ancestors’ excellent brothers. I want to warn you here to be careful if you can’t make progress. At the very least, don’t lose your life. I won’t say
Say that finish the day after tomorrow, the wooden reality returned to his seat and quietly watched those younger brothers enter the three abode of fairies and immortals in an orderly manner. Of course, most of his eyes were on Ye Guchen, but he smiled and nodded at each other and followed the big troops and went in.
Among the more than 10,000 brothers, there are about 5,000 people who have entered the "human cave" at most, and a little less people have entered the "underground cave", but there are still about 4,000 people who have entered the "heaven cave" here, and less than 3,000 people.
To tell the truth, Ye Guchen doubts how big the Sancai Jingshen Cave is. Although the hole is sixty feet wide, it is not clear how big Ye Guchen is here. However, after thousands of people enter, Ye Guchen doubts that this abode of fairies and immortals will be like that.
However, when entering this abode of fairies and immortals, Ye Guchen knew that he had just guessed it, but he thought too much about it. After entering the cave, Ye Guchen found that after passing through the halo, he entered here. It was a different world. This hole is wider than it looks. The hole is like a huge square, let alone 4,000 people. Even if 40,000 people enter, they will not feel a little crowded.
And this abode of fairies and immortals has dozens of channels connected with dozens of small holes. I don’t know the way to the square, but when I entered this abode of fairies and immortals, Ye Guchen felt that it was like a real aura. Those aura were as thick as water droplets. It’s not hard to imagine that the aura condensed into a liquid, and how amazing the aura is here. The speed of repairing here will be twice the result with half the effort.
Of course, this is not the point. The point is that after entering here, Ye Guchen felt an unbearable heat in an instant. Those brothers around him have been a little shallow, and they dare not sit cross-legged and practice immediately.
Some of them are quite advanced, but they walk towards the depths. Ye Guchen, of course, can also be said to be advanced in this virtual Dan period. Nature is not afraid. Although it is hotter around here, it is still in the range that Ye Guchen can tolerate. Ye Guchen did not stay and walked straight ahead. Although it was getting hotter and hotter, Ye Guchen did not feel uncomfortable. Someone chose the small hole and entered the back. Ye Guchen also chose a abode of fairies and immortals, which is in the center.
When entering this small hole, Ye Guchen felt as if there was a fire burning around him, which was hard to resist. However, at this time, Ye Guchen’s mind moved, and the cold reality gave Ye Guchen an "ice-cold bead" and instantly jumped out, forming a protective cover around Ye Guchen, slowly wrapping this Ye Guchen in it, and felt a cool and refreshing breath and continued to walk towards the front.
And scattered Ye Guchen followed dozens of people with all kinds of magic weapons. When they came to the front, a big hole appeared in front of them again, and then several small holes were born. It was like a maze, and people didn’t know how to choose Ye Guchen. Dozens of them went their separate ways again and went deeper. Of course, several people could not bear to sit cross-legged and practice.